Former WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich- 'Cain Velasquez reminds me of Rey Mysterio' (Exclusive)

Hugo Savinovich believes that these two men are very similar!
Hugo Savinovich believes that these two men are very similar!

Hugo Savinovich may no longer be the man behind the Spanish commentary desk in WWE, a position he manned from 1994-2011, but he still lives and breathes professional wrestling. In fact, he is putting together a show in Puerto Rico entitled Fight Forever: Tribute to Bret Hart right now featuring some of the best athletes from across the world!

In addition to Bret Hart, the show also features RVD, Brian Cage, and Mr. Anderson among the celebrities who are going to be present on-ground to pay tribute to the Hitman. Says Mr. Savinovich of the massive ensemble cast that he's managed to assemble:

"They have already been part of wrestling shows with me in South America. They know that I produce a very high quality show. I treat all the wrestlers first class. The way I pay them, the way I treat them, the hotel where they stay! Most importantly, I put together shows with beautiful production, so that they can be proud to entertain their fans!"

Mr. Savinovich holds a very special place in his heart for Cain Velasquez, someone who has transitioned from the world of MMA to professional wrestling quite seamlessly, even taking on Brock Lesnar in his first match at Crown Jewel 2019. According to Mr. Savinovich, Velasquez reminds him of Rey Mysterio:

"One of the most beautiful people you could ever meet. Cain Velasquez reminds me of Rey Mysterio. They're people that have achieved success in their field and yet, their heart is so humble. I spent a whole week doing a publicity tour with him in New York. I got to meet him and his agent, Mike. They are just successful people with an appetite for getting better at what they do!"

Sure, Cain Velasquez is making a tidy sum from his wrestling run, but Mr. Savinovich believes that it isn't the man's primary motivation for his professional wrestling run. He elaborates by saying the following:

"He has the potential to become so good in our business. He's making good money. Don't get me wrong. But I think Cain's success is based on passion. Whatever he commits to do, well he's like a Rey Mysterio. They will not do anything just for the money."

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