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Former WWE star challenges Triple H at this year's WrestleMania

Well, you probably figured out who it is from this photo, we imagine.
Well, you probably figured out who it is from this photo, we imagine.
Modified 26 Feb 2020

The latest episode of WWE Network's docuseries "Ruthless Aggression" focused on the most dominant faction in WWE at the time - Evolution. That's... why the episode was called "Evolution." During said episode, we all learned some more information regarding the addition of the man who nearly took Batista's place in the group - Mark Jindrak.

As the story goes, Jindrak - a former WCW star before the buy-out from WWE - was selected by Vince McMahon to be the fourth member of the legendary group, along with Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton. The episode even shows footage they filmed of him alongside the rest of the group. You've probably seen that footage on the Internet before. The Internet's good for that.

Hunter, however, just wasn't having it, and stepped in to have him replaced with Batista - which, in hindsight, was probably the best move.

The docuseries made sure to interview Jindrak regarding the situation and, all in all, it seems like there's no real hard feelings on Mark's part - at least not towards WWE itself.

And then Jindrak posted the following Tweet today:

Jindrak, to his credit, didn't sit around on his thumbs after leaving WWE. In fact, he had made quite an incredible name for himself in Mexico since then - including becoming the first American to ever win the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, an injury in 2018 forced him to vacate the title, and he hasn't wrestled in a match since.

What do you guys think? With the Ruthless Agression docuseries gaining some traction, would a Jindrak vs HHH match at WrestleMania be interesting? Obviously, it wouldn't be the marquee match-up people would expect, but it could be entertaining. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Published 26 Feb 2020, 04:57 IST
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