Former WWE Superstar reveals details of "uncomfortable meeting" with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

Former WWE Superstar Konnor recently sat down with Wrestling Inc. and discussed a string of topics in regards to his WWE run.

Konnor recalled a meeting he had with Vince McMahon way back in 2007. He stated that former Vice President of Talent Operations John Laurinaitis took him to Mr. McMahon's office, where the Chairman was sitting in his chair. Konnor added that this was the first time he met the boss and was understandably nervous.

Mr. McMahon went on to ask a bunch of questions to Konnor. He asked Konnor about his favorite music, as well as movies, and both answers were met with a cold response. Konnor felt at the time that he had bombed the interview completely.

So Johnny Ace took me in there. Vince is kind of just sitting in his chair. I don't care who you are. For the most part, you're gonna be nervous when you meet him for the first time, and that was my first time meeting him. And Vince was just sitting in his chair. He's like asking me these questions like, 'what kind of music do you listen to?' I was like, 'I like rock n roll.' He goes, 'ugh.' Then he looks down, and I'm like, 'oh no. Oh I really scr**ed that question up. Oh man.' Then he goes, 'what kind of movies do you like?' I go, 'I like comedies.' He goes, 'ugh.' Then he looks down.
Dude it looks like disappointment, and I'm like, 'man I'm really bombing this thing right now.' Then Johnny Ace is just nice and quiet sitting to the right of me, and he goes, 'Vince, Fit says he looks like a rat.' Then once Vince heard that, he comes up real slow and looks at me bugged eyed. He's like looking at me, and I'm like this is so uncomfortable. Like I am so uncomfortable with this. Like I would have rather sat around one of my exes than have him look at me the way he looked at me.

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Along with Vicktor, Konnor won the NXT Tag Team titles on one occasion, but the duo didn't do much on the main roster once they were promoted to the same.

Both Superstars were mostly used as enhancement talent, and were released from the company in December.

The Ascension hadn't wrestled on WWE TV for the past eight months, before being released.

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