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From the GFW rumour mill: Sexy Star almost broke Rosemary's arm on purpose, wrestling fraternity reacts

Sexy Star appears to have legitimately injured Rosemary on purpose in a 'shoot'.

News 28 Aug 2017, 01:18 IST


Sexy Star with her Championship

What's the story?

At AAA Triplemania XXV, Rosemary was injured as her arm was pulled out of its socket when Sexy Star applied the armbar.

Controversy has surfaced as it has now been revealed that the injury might have been on purpose, meaning Sexy Star willfully dislocated Rosemary's arm.

In case you didn't know.....

AAA Triplemania XXV was mired in controversy, as in a match where Sexy Star faced Rosemary, Lady Shani and Ayako Hamada, Sexy Star and Lady Shani were legitimately shooting at each other.

At different points of the match, kayfabe melted away into reality as the two had legitimate heat.

The heart of the matter

The shooting between Sexy Star and Lady Shani affected Rosemary the worst of all, as she was apparently a victim to a legitimate shoot armbar from Sexy Star which dislocated her arm.

Thankfully for her, the injury was not too serious and Rosemary will not be out of action for too long.

Star left the venue after the match but was brought back by Vampiro to reluctantly apologise to Rosemary before leaving immediately again. Lady Shani was not done with her and reportedly went to look for her backstage to finish what they had started.


There were mixed reactions from other stars, with some saying it was obviously a work. The majority, however, did not think so and a few even called Sexy Star out for it.

Author's take

If this is indeed a work, then it is most convincing. There seems to be legitimate heat on Sexy Stars from most wrestlers and if this was actually a shoot, then she is going to suffer for it.

As of now, the entire matter is too controversial, but it looks like it was a legitimate shoot, and Star meant to do it.

Her leaving the arena fast speaks for itself, as she obviously understood the repercussions of her actions.

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