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From The Rumor Mill: More details emerge concerning ITV's World of Sport reboot 

692   //    23 Apr 2018, 18:25 IST

Which superstars will be returning for World of Sport next month?
Which superstars will be returning to World of Sport next month?

What's the story?

It was recently revealed that ITV had decided to once again plan tapings for their World of Sport reboot that has been on the cards ever since 2016. It is now being reported that both ITV and WWE are having to be quite sneaky about signing superstars ahead of their UK based events since they are currently seeing each other as competition.

In case you didn't know...

ITV first launched their rebooted version of World of Sport on New Year's Eve back in 2016, which was mere weeks before WWE's first ever United Kingdom Championship tournament that was broadcast live from Blackpool.

ITV was hoping that this would then lead to a 10-part series that they attempted to film last year, before Jeff Jarrett and TNA joined the project and it was later revealed that the entire idea had been postponed, with rumors suggesting that Jarrett wanted the show to be longer than just 10 episodes and ITV weren't prepared to make that a reality.

The biggest name to be part of the show back in 2016 was Jim Ross, the legendary commentator was signed up by ITV to be part of the tapings more than a year ago, but it seems that he won't be able to return this time around.

The heart of the matter

The upcoming tapings in Norwich, England next month have been a hot topic of conversation over the past few days, so much so that the show has been discussed on The Wrestling Observer recently, where it was revealed that both WWE and ITV are now seemingly working against each other.

Meltzer pointed out that both WWE and ITV are now signing superstars under the radar and these talents are then not allowed to make it public knowledge that they have been signed. WWE ensured that Jim Ross couldn't return to his duties with ITV as part of these tapings because he was signed to WWE last year.

What's next?

These tapings will take place from May 10th - May 12th from Norwich, England which is the hometown of Paige's family. It is also reported that ITV will be using the venue that WAW use to present their shows on a regular basis.

Author's take

It's obvious that there is a market in the United Kingdom for wrestling now, WWE unearthed this back in 2017 and have already announced that the second United Kingdom Tournament will take place in June.

Whilst this is fantastic for the UK wrestling scene, it seems that there is genuine competition between WWE and ITV and it will be interesting to see which stars ITV will be left with next month and whether or not these tapings are postponed once again.

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