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From The Rumor Mill: WWE reportedly trying to get CM Punk back

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Would he come back?

What's the story?

CM Punk and WWE haven't been getting along since he walked out after the 2014 Royal Rumble. There is an ongoing lawsuit and a lot of animosity between the two sides. But the Dirty Sheets says all of this might be a ploy to create a peaceful situation.

In case you didn't know...

CM Punk was the Second City Savior and hero to many during his time in WWE. But he left the company after being quite unhappy with the direction of his character for quite some time. There were also apparently some issues with the way medical personnel did their jobs.

Punk appeared on Colt Cabana's podcast shortly after he left WWE and took part in a two-part episode telling the entire story about why he left WWE. During his reveal, Punk said WWE's doctors wouldn't treat a MRSA infection and he wrestled in an unfit state for quite some time due to WWE's busy schedule.

Although CM Punk never revealed any of the doctors by name, Chris Amann stepped up to sue Punk and Colt Cabana over the podcasts. What transpired after that was a vicious legal war between the two sides which is still ongoing.

The heart of the matter

The Dirty Sheets reports Colt Cabana is telling people WWE may be forcing CM Punk to waste his money on this lawsuit. It was reported Punk and Cabana have to put an incredible amount of money up front but that might be a clever tactic from WWE.

Colt Cabana is apparently telling people WWE is trying to force peace talks in the situation. The defendants are being asked to pay $250,000 in order to get the discovery investigation going. CM Punk and his team want to see if there was any internal correspondence in WWE about his injury. With these kinds of roadblocks along the way, this lawsuit may never be settled.

But if peace talks can be accomplished, who knows if this might lead CM Punk back to the ring. His future in the Octagon is doubtful after his quick submission loss to Mickey Gall at UFC 203 and he hasn't fought in a year.

If WWE and Punk could come to some kind of a compromise it might be the start of building a bridge in bringing The Voice of the Voiceless back to the WWE Universe.

What's next?

CM Punk will keep training for his next MMA fight. It's unsure at this point where he'll be fighting, but he's apparently awaiting confirmation for another fight. Meanwhile, this lawsuit will trudge on.


Author's take

Who I really feel bad for in this whole situation is Colt Cabana. He kind of got caught in the crossfires during this war between WWE and Punk. If his legal bills are anywhere close to CM Punk's then that could be a bad thing.

Word is Colt said he can't pay that kind of price tag and that's a shame because he's a great guy stuck in this mess over a podcast. CM Punk could pay the whole amount, but regardless of how much money Punk has that kind of financial blow would certainly be noticed.

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