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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Booker T might stay on commentary even after David Otunga returns

3.06K   //    10 Jun 2017, 20:29 IST
Booker T has temporarily replaced Otunga on commentary duties

What’s the story?

According to CageSideSeats, it is being rumoured that Booker T, who took on the commentary duties on RAW as a temporary replacement for David Otunga, might stay put as a part of the commentary team even after Otunga returns at the end of August. 

In case you didn’t know...

Booker T is a former WWE Superstar and a current on-air personality. Booker has been serving as a commentator with the WWE sporadically from 2011 itself and has done so for several PPVs, SmackDown and RAW as well. 

WWE commentator David Otunga was drafted from SmackDown LIVE to RAW as a part of the Superstar Shake-Up. However, before he could resume his commentating duties on the red brand, he was signed up to play the lead role of Agent James “World” Lawson in the movie “Katrina” and had to take a hiatus of six weeks for the filming of the same. 

Booker T replaced Otunga on the commentary duties, and as per his podcast partner Brad Gilmore, he was supposed to be there “all summer”. 

The heart of the matter

Booker T is an experienced commentator, having manned commentary duties for the WWE since 2011. He has also hosted several WWE Network specials as well as pre-show events for PPVs and WWE’s weekly shows. He has seamlessly taken to commentary duties in Otunga’s absence and has done a stellar job at it by all accounts.

It is now being rumoured that Booker T might just be asked to stay on commentary duties even after Otunga returns. 

In a potentially four-commentator dynamic, Michael Cole would be the de facto play-by-play announcer, Corey Graves would be the heel colour commentator, with David Otunga being the face colour commentator alongside Booker T, who presents more of a veteran’s perspective instead of necessarily aligining on the face or heel sides of commentary.

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If Booker T stays on as the fourth commentator, it might even result in Otunga returning to in-ring action or in Booker T being involved in some sort of an in-ring angle.

Booker had stated on the 9th April 2017 edition of his “Heated Conversations” podcast that he could potentially return to the ring for the 2018 Royal Rumble, signifying that he hasn’t retired from in-ring action yet, this might just be a precursor to it.

What’s next?

With David Otunga still filming his movie, Booker T still has some time on the commentary duties until his future on the booth is decided. He has officially been announced as only a replacement for Otunga until his return as of yet. 

Author’s take

Booker T and his “Bookerisms” are certainly a delight to hear on the commentary. Not only does Booker bring a unique perspective to the commentary booth, being a veteran wrestler himself, but he also does it in his own unique style. 

I wouldn’t mind a 4-man commentary booth on RAW. The three-hour long show can certainly use as many interesting elements to it as it can possibly gather. 

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