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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Enzo Amore's next opponent could be Neville

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Who will Enzo be facing next?

What's the story?

Enzo Amore is the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion much to the chagrin of the 205 Live roster. Raw ended rather poorly for Enzo on the night after No Mercy, but with Neville violating Enzo's no-contact clause, Dave Meltzer spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio about what could be next for the Certified G.

In case you didn't know...

Enzo Amore used to be loved all over the world. Now it seems the locations where Enzo and his antics are accepted seems to get smaller with every passing week.

The heart of the matter

Dave Meltzer discussed Enzo Amore's direction on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying Enzo still has a clear challenger in the form of The King Of The Cruiserweights, Neville.

Although Neville might have broken Enzo's no-contract clause when he kicked him and followed it up with a relentless assault, it looks like he'll be getting another title shot after all.

It was noted how WWE will figure a way out of the no-contact clause. The fact that every member of the 205 Live roster got a chance to damage Enzo after Raw went off the air might be a good enough reason to void out the no-contact clause. After all, if they went with that, Enzo would never have another opponent. Thanks to Still Real To Us for the transcription.

"Well, it leads to Enzo against Neville. This is probably a way to delay it a couple of months and maybe [Enzo] will work with Rich Swann first because that was one of the guys he insulted. Or maybe someone else, maybe Cedric [Alexander] -- he did insult Cedric as well. And it's a way to keep Neville from getting a shot for a while so when he gets it, it's a bigger deal."

Of course, things could always just turn into a case of WWE ignoring something ever happened in the first place. The no-contact clause could be easily forgotten and Neville might get his shot much sooner.

What's next?

Enzo Amore will never stop running his mouth. He seems to enjoy rubbing people the wrong way at this point. He sees himself as a Superstar and doesn't want anyone to forget it.

Whoever WWE places against Enzo Amore next needs to be the kind of guy who can carry a match. After all, Enzo Amore might have improved on the microphone but he has done little work to up his in-ring game.

Author's take

It's times like this when 205 Live needs an authority figure of some kind. They don't really have time for long segments but if WWE utilized someone in a lighter role as "205 Live General Manager" it could certainly clear things up when there is a question about no-contact clauses.

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