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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Speculation on the WWE returns of Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio

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WWE is looking to bolster the hispanic count in their roster.
Mysterio makes sense, but Del Rio? Seriously?

What's the story?

The possible returns of two of the biggest Hispanic superstars in WWE history have dominated the wrestling news world in recent weeks and Justin LaBar of Wrestling Reality has given his two cents on the circulating rumors.

In case you didn't know...

Alberto Del Rio's most recent run with the WWE started off with much promise when he returned at Hell in a Cell in 2015 to defeat John Cena to become the new US Champion.

However, the surprise comeback was marred by a mismanaged angle with Zeb Colter and the former WWE Champion was eventually released from the WWE in September 2016.

The Mexican legend signed up with Impact Wrestling in the aftermath of his departure and wasted no time in capturing the world title of WWE's troubled rivals.

It's said that Del Rio's contract with Impact expires in April and that the Mexican Aristocrat is looking at a return to the company he has been a vocal detractor of in the past.

As for Rey Mysterio, the greatest underdog in WWE history returned to WWE at the recently concluded Royal Rumble 2018 and the response was so positive that WWE officials have been contemplating getting the master of the 619 back for another run.

A rumored match against John Cena has been doing the rounds but an injury to Mysterio at a recent indy show has cast doubts on the plan coming to fruition.

The heart of the matter

Justin LaBar feels that while Del Rio is quite liked by Vince McMahon as a character on TV, the 4-time WWE Champion would rather prefer to have a lighter Impact Wrestling schedule than the rigorous ones WWE is accustomed to offering.

The internet buzz generated will certainly help Del Rio in gaining leverage during his negotiations with the WWE but it seems Impact would not want to let go of their most proven star currently, according to LaBar.

He even touched upon the topic of Rey Mysterio coming back to the WWE and said that the former Cruiserweight Champion will return to WWE sooner rather than later. WWE's commitment towards pushing the 205 Live division and Mysterio being one of the biggest exponents of the in-ring style makes the decision to get him back a no-brainer.

LaBar added that even a returning Mysterio, who is a kid-friendly marketing option for WWE, won't change WWE's plan to finally have John Cena vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

He stated that WWE wouldn't have made Cena tease the match in the first place if they weren't going through with it.

What's next?

Del Rio returning to WrestleMania seems like an unlikely proposition at this point but the same can't be said about Mysterio. WWE may save his return for after WrestleMania in a bid to get more traction towards the cruiserweight division after they crown a new Champion at The Show of Shows.

At the age of 41, Del Rio would rather prefer enjoying his time at the top in Impact than to slog it out in the mid-card in the WWE. Mysterio, however, is one of WWE's own and will most likely have one final nostalgic run.

Author's take

Del Rio back in the WWE? No, thank you. While he may be one hell of an in-ring performer, an unprofessional attitude and his obvious beef with Triple H would certainly hinder the deal from being approved.

Personally, I may not be too hyped about Mysterio's return either but if booked right in 205 Live, 2018 could be a resurgent year for the underrated cruiserweights of WWE.

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