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From the WWE Rumor Mill: The Undertaker to appear out of character in upcoming documentary

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The Undertaker is going to drop his character for a special project

What's the story?

There aren't many examples of keeping kayfabe in modern pro wrestling quite like The Undertaker. He doesn't have to attend the WWE Hall Of Fame, he is excluded from a lot of other events which might expose him out of character, and when others have to wear a suit to work, rumour said that The Undertaker is exempt from that rule too.

But it looks like the upcoming ESPN 30 For 30 about Ric Flair is going to feature The Undertaker in a way that few fans ever see.

In case you didn't know...

Ric Flair's upcoming 30 For 30 documentary is going to be an exciting show. The film has a runtime of around an hour and twenty minutes and although much of Flair's WCW run was cut out of the documentary, people who have seen it, like Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, said it was really good.

The heart of the matter

The upcoming documentary will feature plenty of amazing footage and some of pro wrestling's elite will also be featured as talking heads for the documentary as well, including "The Deadman".

The Undertaker is said to be featured in the upcoming Ric Flair documentary and he will be out of character and that's a pretty exciting thing because you rarely ever see The Undertaker outside of character.

Dave Meltzer also commented about a part of the doc where Hulk Hogan admits Flair was a far better wrestler than he ever was.

What's next?

The Ric Flair documentary is sure to do great numbers when it comes to ratings. Maybe this will encourage ESPN to do more 30 For 30 documentaries with a pro wrestling subject matter.

While Meltzer noted the documentary won't touch on everything throughout Flair's career like some money problems and legal issues, it is a gripping tale of a man who went through so much but came out 'Stylin and Profilin' like always.

Author's take

The Undertaker being himself is always fascinating. I know if I were cutting together a documentary and had "The Phenom" as a choice of one of my talking heads, I would use him as much as possible.

Hopefully, we will see a lot of The Undertaker in "Mark Calaway mode" speaking honestly about a man who was very influential on his career. After all, 'Taker owes his first WWE Championship to Ric Flair's assistance thanks to a well-placed steel chair under Hulk Hogan's head during a Tombstone piledriver at Survivor Series 26-years-ago.

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