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From the WWE Rumor Mill: WWE has main event plans for Elias

Daniel Wood
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Are bigger things on the way for Elias?
Are bigger things on the way for Elias?

What's the story?

Be honest with yourself. Elias has consistently been one of the best things on Monday Night Raw and WWE Pay-Per-Views for quite some time now, he truly is superb at controlling crowds and delivering promos, which is perhaps why there are reports that big things could be coming Elias' way.

In case you didn't know...

Elias had a run in with John Cena at WrestleMania 34, beat Bobby Roode on Monday Night Raw and eliminated quite a few people in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match. It seems that the WWE are slowly building up the bard to be a big deal.

The heart of the matter

Dave Meltzer discussed Elias on his recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News) and revealed that several high-up WWE officials are, well, high on Elias and see him as a future top heel in the company.

"Yeah, they think he's a Superstar. He might be the guy that they use as that big heel in that spot we were talking about (regarding the Universal Title picture)."

However, Meltzer did touch on one of the things that seem to be holding Elias back from reaching the lofty heights of top heel status on Monday Night Raw and that's his in-ring work.

"He's really over in lots of ways but when he does a serious match it doesn't carry over that well often actually."

This is something I completely agree with. The crowd is extremely into Elias when he's doing his 'Walk with Elias' schtick and his concerts but the moment he starts wrestling they seem to lose interest. (The same thing happens to equally as over Rusev.)

What's next?

Keep an eye on Elias' booking over the next month or so. Many people were surprised to see him pick up a victory over Bobby Roode, but if the WWE does indeed have bigger plans for Elias than his current position then it's likely that's the reason and expected that he'll continue to pick up wins going forward.

Author's take

As I said earlier, I like Elias, he really is very good. However, he definitely needs to work on his in-ring work somehow to make it as entertaining and captivating as he work on the guitar and microphone.

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