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From the WWE Rumor Mill: WWE has no heat on Sasha Banks for Paige's career-ending injury

Daniel Wood
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Many people blame Sasha Banks for ending Paige's career
Many people blame Sasha Banks for ending Paige's career

What's the story?

The WWE Universe is still reeling from the news that Paige's wrestling career may be over due to injury. With many suggesting that the injury was caused at a house show when Sasha Banks gave Paige a stiff kick to the back, there was worry that 'The Boss' might have some backstage heat, however, PWInsider is reporting that is not the case.

In case you didn't know...

The injury that is believed to be the cause of Paige no longer being able to be cleared to compete in a WWE ring happened when Sasha Banks delivered a stiff kick to the centre of Paige's back. Paige was immediately injured and the match had to be prematurely stopped, with the 'Anti-Diva' even being stretchered out of the arena.

The heart of the matter

Because of the above footage many fans, and members of the WWE Universe immediately started to blame Sasha Banks for potentially ending the 25-year-old British wrestler's career, even though Paige was reportedly fine after the show and was spotted back at the hotel in seemingly good health.

Luckily, as PWInsider reports, the WWE themselves are more understanding, than many people have been to Sasha Banks on Twitter, and no not hold Sasha Banks responsible, or at fault, for what happened to Paige.

For those who have asked whether there is heat on Sasha Banks because of the Paige situation, we are told that the answer to that is no. It's being seen as something that could have happened with anyone in the ring and not something that was a direct result of Banks' actions. As I noted in my audio over the weekend, the two did the exact same spot the night before in Madison Square Garden

There are many who think that Sasha Banks stiffed Paige on purpose because she was jealous etc. But hopefully, Mike Johnson's report will help to indicate that the stiff kick from the turnbuckle was part of the show the night before so was a consensual move planned by the two performers.

What's next?

It is not known how the WWE will announce Paige's status, as they've yet to make any official comment. However, it is expected that Paige's appearance on subsequent Monday Night RAW's will clarify exactly what is going on with her.

Author's take

Honestly, I think the fact that Sasha Banks has been receiving a torrent of abuse online, including vile insults and death threats, since the news broke is an absolutely appaling indictment on the irrationality of some within the wrestling community. Hopefully, this news will help to cool the hatred that's currently being aimed towards her.

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