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From the WWE rumor mill: Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega to face each other in a match?

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Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega may actually face each other in a match
Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega may actually face each other in a match

What's the story?

This Twitter battle might soon be called the never-ending feud between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. But now there are hints there may finally be a conclusion to all of this on the horizon.

Jericho tweeted saying that he might know the perfect place to settle everything. With him having announced the "Rock n Wrestling Rager at sea" recently, this may be where Jericho and Omega finally meet.

In case you didn't know...

The two have been mouthing off about each other on Twitter which set the Internet Wrestling Community ablaze.


The two talked about measuring talent through the ratings given by Dave Meltzer, but as it happens, and with Omega seemingly having the last say in the Twitter battle, the case may not be closed.

The heart of the matter

Chris Jericho had tweeted the previous day, suggesting that he could stop Kenny Omega's push with one phone call to his old Tag Team partner, and Omega's current boss, Gedo. Omega replied asking Jericho to stay out of his business as he would hate being forced to go to the 'majors', by which he meant WWE.

In his most recent tweet, Jericho suggested that he had an idea how this matter could be resolved, possibly hinting at a match between the two of them. Omega responded to the tweet and said that he was interested in the direction the discussion was going and would return to the topic the following day.

What's next?

The entire Twiterrati will have their eyes peeled for the continuation of this feud. The entire matter seems to be heading towards a match announcement extremely soon.

Author's take

Jericho and Omega is nothing short of a dream match. The cruise on the ship could not have been made to seem more important if they tried. The feud between them will likely continue over the next few days.

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