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From the WWE Rumour Mill: Possible Reason why Sami Zayn helped Kevin Owens revealed

  • Sami and Kevin may soon team up to take on all comers.
Modified 19 Dec 2019, 11:07 IST

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon faced each other in a brutal Hell in a Cell match
Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon faced each other in a brutal Hell in a Cell match

What's the story?

The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view ended with a lot of controversies, as Kevin Owens was saved from a diving Shane McMahon by his friend-turned-enemy, Sami Zayn.

The possible reason for this was speculated on by Cage Side Seats, as they revealed that it could lead to a Survivor Series match where Shane and AJ Styles teamed up to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

In case you didn't know...

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were great friends till Owens betrayed Zayn after the latter had won the NXT Title. Since then, they continued to feud consistently on NXT and later in the main roster. Their feud was famous and churned out one great match after the other.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon faced each other in a match at Hell in a Cell, where it looked like Shane had the match won as he was preparing to dive off the top of the Hell in a Cell onto the prone Kevin Owens. Suddenly, all of this changed as Sami helped Kevin get away from the dive, and Shane crashed through the table. Sami then put Kevin on top of Shane pinning him, and helping him to pick up the win.

The heart of the matter

While it is not possible to guess why Sami did what he did until now, there are speculations about the plans that WWE has for the Sami and Kevin leading into Survivor Series.

One of these speculations stated that Sami and Kevin are to take on Shane and AJ Styles at Survivor Series and the foundation for this will be laid on Smackdown. Sami's heel turn took everyone by surprise and there was a further speculation that he will give the reason that Shane never gave him an opportunity on Smackdown.

Although it is impossible to say that this is confirmed, it certainly seems like it's what is going to happen following AJ Style's appearance on Talking Smack where he said that he had Shane's back if he needed to face Owens and Zayn.

What's next?

Everyone will be looking to Zayn to explain the reasons for his action on Tuesday's episode of Smackdown Live. It may start the build to the match on Survivor Series.


Author's take

It's really too soon to tell if any of this is true but going by AJ's interview on Talking Smack, there may indeed be truth behind the rumours. Styles, Zayn and Owens are all phenomenal athletes and Shane knows exactly how to excite a crowd.

At this moment, it seems like the feud has all the momentum in the world after that fantastic ending to the pay-per-view.

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Published 09 Oct 2017, 11:22 IST
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