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From the WWE Rumour Mill: Ric Flair had part of his bowel removed

Riju Dasgupta
4.39K   //    18 Aug 2017, 12:56 IST

Let's hope The Nature Boy is fast on the road to recovery!
Let's hope The Nature Boy is on the road to recovery!

What's the story?

According to a report first published by Sports Illustrated, Ric Flair may have had a part of his bowel removed, based on issues that arose as a result of his drinking. Thankfully, his health problems do not seem to stem from the heart.

In case you didn't know...

Ric Flair's health complications that first arose on Friday Night have been extensively covered on this website. It was initially thought that Flair's issues were heart-related, but Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer went on to say that his issues were colon-related. However, Flair's fiancee then suggested that Flair did not undergo colon surgery. What is known for sure is that he suffered from multiple organ failures and isn't yet out of the woods.

The heart of the matter

This report says that what was initially looked upon as intestinal blockage turned out to be something else entirely, resulting in a part of Flair's bowel being removed. He remains in a hospital in Atlanta, with multiple organ failure. The report also suggests that Flair's health issues seem to arise as a consequence of his drinking habits, with the following quote:

“I had one vice. I’m not going to point my finger at anybody else. My vice was drinking. I didn’t have any pain issues, addiction problems, marijuana, cocaine, nothing like that. It’s a fact that I kept myself up all night and always had a good time.”

Time will tell how soon Flair can get back on both feet again and inspire millions around the world as he has for many decades.

What's next?

We must wait for Ric Flair to beat his toughest opponent yet, and show us why he is still the real champ.

Author's take

Flair is one of the reasons I started following professional wrestling and even writing these details on a computer screen feels really painful for me. Imagining a world without Ric Flair is not just difficult, but absolutely impossible.

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