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From the WWE Rumour Mill: Truth about the Corey Graves-Booker T situation disclosed?

Riju Dasgupta
5.99K   //    08 Feb 2018, 19:57 IST

Is their heat real or simply just manufactured?
Is their heat real or simply just manufactured?

What's the story?

For the past few days, the internet and the IWC have speculated endlessly on the rumoured Corey Graves-Booker T fallout. Some called it a work, and some said that their heat was indeed quite genuine.

According to Sports Illustrated, as reported by Cageside Seats, their heat is simply a work. All the animosity that we see from both parties is manufactured.

In case you didn't know...

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was a part of the RAW announce team until recently, when he was replaced by the returning Jonathan Coachman. Booker T's commentary was universally panned for being ineffective and often, confused.

Booker T would blame Corey Graves for getting fired in an edition of his podcast, and moreover, even challenge him to a fight, subsequently. Graves responded by taking a shot at Booker T on live TV.

While the world wondered about the animosity between the two men, a recent report suggests that there is none at all.

The heart of the matter

So, here's the truth. This entire feud is a work so as to get some heat on Corey Graves, for the long run. In an age when nobody buys into the storylines on TV, the 'smarter' fans may buy into this storyline, and start treating Graves as a heel.

The second objective of this whole drama was to garner some publicity for Booker T's podcast, something that would become his primary focus, following his WWE run.

What's next?

Jonathan Coachman has already replaced Booker T on RAW. The reviews thus far, have been quite favourable. We think that he'll be in this position for a while.

Author's take

I knew from the start that it was just a work. Corey Graves is far too smart to be taking potshots on TV, like he did this past week.


Booker T was incredibly funny on commentary, but Jonathan Coachman is an improvement.

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