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From the WWE Rumour Mill: WWE reviewing medical evidence supporting Daniel Bryan's wrestling return

Daniel Wood
12.51K   //    30 Nov 2017, 07:07 IST

The WWE are considering results from Daniel Bryan's doctors saying he's fit for in-ring competition
The WWE are considering results from Daniel Bryan's doctors saying he's fit for in-ring competition

What's the story?

When will Daniel Bryan return to in-ring action? It's a question that seems to get asked every day and is arguably one of the most discussed and anticipated moments in the WWE today. Now reports from suggest that the WWE is taking steps to move forward with a potential ring return for Daniel Bryan, by reviewing his medical test results.

In case you didn't know...

The current SmackDown General Manager has made no attempt to hide his desire to return to the ring and has confirmed he will leave the WWE and wrestle elsewhere at the end of his contract if he isn't cleared by WWE officials, who remain doubtful about Bryan's health were he to wrestle again.

This is something that has been exacerbated in recent weeks because of the in-ring return of RAW General Manager Kurt Angle, who has suffered similar injuries to Daniel Bryan but was cleared by WWE doctors.

The heart of the matter

Bryan himself revealed that the WWE does want him to wrestle again, but as always this is a much more complicated issue than many of us are aware. However it looks like the WWE are doing all they can to speed up the process of Bryan's return,

Daniel Bryan's wife, and fellow wrestler, Brie Bella recently spoke to Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia and revealed that WWE doctors and officials are willing to, and actively are looking at the evidence provided by Daniel Bryan's own doctors that he is fit to wrestle again.

“All these doctors are telling him he can wrestle, they don’t see what the issue is. I think WWE are looking at it and that’s why he’s been really vocal lately because he does have hope. They are willing to look at what the other doctors are saying.”

What's next?

Well, if WWE and their doctors review the evidence from Daniel Bryan's doctors and don't dispute or disagree with any of it, then I'd imagine Bryan's in-ring return would be shot to the top of the agenda for creative.

Author's take

I'm happy with whatever happens, as long as the main thing is considered, which is, of course, Daniel Bryan's health and well-being. That being said, I have my fingers crossed that the evidence he's gathered himself will be enough to persuade the WWE to let it happen.

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