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Gail Kim takes a dig at WWE chairman Vince McMahon

Gail Kim tweets in response to a tweet from a fan about women being a part of the main event in an NXT live event. She posted the tweet directed at Vince McMahon not knowing how to handle women.

News 22 May 2015, 17:01 IST
Former WWE Diva Gail Kim

Earlier, a fan tweeted about women being a part of the main event in an NXT live event. In response to this, the former WWE diva, Gail Kim posted a tweet directed at Vince McMahon.

Talking about Gail Kim, in her first match in WWE, she won the Women's Championship, becoming the first WWE Diva in history to win a Championship in her debut. Kim worked for WWE in two spells during 2002-04 and 2008-11.

After she left WWE in 2004, Kim joined TNA in September 2005. She was a part of the tag team America's Most Wanted as their valet. After this, Kim performed as a singles wrestler and became the inaugural TNA Women's Knockout Champion in October 2007. She announced on August 5, 2011 that she had quit WWE via her Twitter account.

After she quit WWE, Gail said that "It was more the treatment of the women's division I was disappointed with in this last run. It's so frustrating to be working so hard and know that it's not going anywhere and it doesn't matter," Gail said.

"Honestly there were times when I felt like if we had a great match, say on Superstars if we had seven minutes and the chance to tell a story, I felt like maybe we'd get punished for having a good match. It's sad that when you have a great match you know it won't be rewarded."

Now, have a look at the tweet posted by her-

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