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GFW Impact Results (09/14/17): Bobby Lashley bids farewell 

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An action-packed Impact episode as always!
An action-packed Impact episode as always!

Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling began with Bobby Lashley & American Top Team (ATT) entering the Impact Zone, as members of ATT started harassing the employees backstage. Before cutting to ringside, there was a video package promoting the main event between Johnny Impact and Low-ki to determine the #1 Contender for Eli Drake's GFW Global Championship.

#1 Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie) vs Garza Jr.

The first match of the show featured Braxton Sutter taking on former AAA Superstar Garza Jr in Singles competition. The first few minutes of the match consisted of both Sutter and Garza Jr. performing fast-paced moves, with the action slowing down after a Springboard Neckbreaker by Sutter on Garza Jr. for a two-count.

Garza Jr. got back to his feet and walloped Sutter with a clothesline before blowing a flying kiss to Allie who was at ring side. The next few minutes of the match saw Garza Jr. take control of Sutter. In what seemed like a complete heel move, Sutter, on the outside, used Allie as a human shield to protect himself from Garza Jr.'s dive. Sutter immediately took the opportunity to nail Garza Jr. with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

Garza Jr. made his comeback by super kicking Sutter before pinning him via the Lionsault.

Result: Garza Jr. def. Braxton Sutter

Post-match, Garza Jr. helped Allie into the ring to check on Sutter who lost his temper before walking away from her. Sutter came back and tried dragging her to the back, but Allie didn't budge. So, he ordered her to move, which she did reluctantly.

#2 EC3 (c) vs El Hijo Del Fantasma for the Grand Championship

The second match of the show featured Ethan Carter III defending his Grand Championship against AAA's El Hijo Del Fantasma.


The first round started with Fantasma taking down EC3 with arm-drags and hip-tosses before EC3 got out of the hold and assaulted him with a couple of elbow drops for a two-count. Ethan threw Fantasma onto the outside by hitting him with the TK3 from over the top rope. On the outside, Ethan kept smashing Fantasma's face on the floor until the round was over. EC3 won the first round via unanimous decision.

Round two started with an attempt from Fantasma to swiftly take down EC3, but Ethan stayed sharp and stalled Fantasma's attempt by pinning him to the mat. EC3 locked Fantasma in a three-quarter nelson, but Fantasma broke out of it and snapped EC3 with a flying head scissors takedown and top-rope neckbreaker before jumping on him via the Superfly Splash for a two-count. Fantasma locked EC3 in a Mexican surfboard stretch, but couldn't make him tap out as the second round ended. The judges awarded Fantasma the second round via unanimous decision.

In the third and final round, the participants went back-and-forth at each other with several power moves and near falls. In the end, with only 30 seconds left on the clock, EC3 knocked out Fantasma with the Running Knee before nailing him with the 1%, but couldn't make the cover on time as he tweaked his knee.

Once the bell rang, the referee went to the judges, who called split decision, with the final vote resting on AAA's Hector Guerrero. After much consideration, Guerrero awarded his vote to EC3.

Result: EC3 def. El Hijo Del Fantasma via unanimous decision to retain the Grand Championship

Post-match, Fantasma argued with Hector Guerrero for not awarding him with the winning vote. In much rage, Fantasma grabbed Guerrero by his jacket's collar, but Guerrero shoved him back. A frustrated Fantasma went back into the ring and distracted EC3 to allow a debuting Pagano to wallop Carter from behind. Newly-crowned GHC Champion Eddie Edwards ran in to save EC3, but Ethan didn't seem to want his help and walked out on him.

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