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GFW News: Taryn Terrell returns at Destination X

5.32K   //    18 Aug 2017, 12:16 IST

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The Knockouts Division was rocked thanks to Taryn Terrell!

What’s the story?

At the Destination X edition of Global Force Wrestling, the women's roster received a huge shakeup with the return of Taryn Terrell. She interfered in the Knockouts Championship Match and directly influenced the outcome.

In case you didn’t know…

Taryn Terrell originally had a tenure with Impact from 2012 until 2016. She is a former Knockouts Champion, winning the title for the first time in a triple threat match against Havok and Gail Kim. That one and only reign lasted for 279 days, the longest in the title's history. She returned to the promotion at last night's Destination X and now has her sights set on a familiar foe.

The heart of the matter

GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna competed in a scheduled match against challenger Gail Kim. While the referee's attention was averted, Terrell emerged from the crowd to attack Kim and cost her the match.

In an Impact Last Word video recorded for their YouTube channel, Taryn defended her actions by accusing Kim of not being there for her, even though she helped her out in other ventures.

"I don't know if you know this or not but Gail and I have been through many ups and downs and I for one helped induct her into the Hall of Fame. And do you think she's been there for me lately? Nope."

Taryn also mentioned Gail's husband, who happens to be celebrity chef Robert Irvine.

What’s next?

Taryn Terrell's return cost Gail Kim a championship victory. That perfectly sets up a rivalry between the two. Sienna retained her belt and is now free to take on new challenges if she wants. This could be a good time to put Rosemary back in the title picture. Regardless of who challenges Sienna next, she made sure to throw shade towards both Gail and her husband on Twitter when she bragged about ending the evening with her championship.


Author’s take

Taryn Terrell is a familiar face on Impact, so I expect her to pick up where she left off. Gail Kim has made it clear that she's retiring by the end of 2017, so she may have specifically requested bringing Taryn back into the fold to wrestle one final time with her before she calls it a career. If so, that speaks highly about how respected she is among her peers.

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