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GFW News: GFW releases a statement on the Sexy Star-Rosemary Incident

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GFW wrestler Rosemary
GFW wrestler Rosemary

What's the story?

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) has released a statement following the incident at Triplemania XXV involving Rosemary and Sexy Star.

The Context

An incident occurred during a fatal four-way match between Sexy Star, Rosemary, Ayako Hamada, and Lady Shani at Triplemania XXV on August 26th, 2017. The finish of the match saw Sexy Star manoeuvre Rosemary into an arm bar position and get the tap out victory.

However, it appears that Sexy Star legitimately applied the submission hold on Rosemary and injured her shoulder intentionally. Numerous stars and personalities from the wrestling world, as well as fans of professional wrestling, have voiced their displeasure with Sexy Star for her behaviour. Some are calling for her to be blacklisted from the wrestling business.

The Details

GFW’s statement began by commended AAA on their professionalism and talented roster, while also thanking them for putting together a great show in Mexico City, Mexico. GFW also proclaimed that the company was honoured to be able to participate in the event.

They touted the success of some of their talents, such as DJZ and Andrew Everett who were returning from recent injuries, at the event, as well as acknowledging their talent that appeared at other events during the weekend.

In the statement GFW had the following to say about the Sexy Star incident:

“While the incident with Sexy Star marred an outstanding show, AAA executives have confirmed to us that appropriate measures are being taken in respect of this incident.”

They also confirmed that both AAA and Sexy Star apologized to Rosemary for the incident.

What’s next?

GFW is eager to move past the incident at TripleMania and continue to strengthen their relationship with AAA and NOAH for the future.

Author’s take

GFW took care in this statement to maintain that they do not fault AAA for the Sexy Star-Rosemary incident. They will make it a point to mention continuing their relationships with other promotions, including AAA, going forward. It was a very measured statement, saying all the right things, while also singling out Sexy Star for her actions and making it clear that they believe she was acting on her own. 

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