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From the GFW Rumor Mill: GFW using current WWE stars to hype their PPV series

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Global Force Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling

What's the story?

Global Force Wrestling has been running an anthology series on PPV called "Amped", and they've been using former GFW/TNA talent that are now working for WWE as part of their promotional efforts.

This Friday, part two debuts on PPV and GFW has released a couple of promos that once again feature former talent working for WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Taking cues from WWE isn't exactly a new tactic for the company now known as Global Force Wrestling.

Consider, for instance, the promos the company was running in 2011 for Sting's return after an extended time away. Obviously, it was something to play up, except the promos that they ran were very similar to those WWE ran earlier for an Undertaker return.

The heart of the matter

Sadly, even after well over a decade, GFW is still relying on WWE to help promote them, Except, in this case, it's not former WWE talent working for them -- it's their own talent who now works for their competition. Here are the promos in question:

What's next?

Well... that actually remains to be seen. Like clockwork, the future of the company is pretty murky, with some reports saying GFW is "haemorrhaging money" while others are saying they're stronger than ever, and about to launch their own online network.


It's hard to say, but, if they're using WWE talent to promote their PPV specials, that doesn't lead to a lot of confidence.

Author's take

As much as I don't have a lot of faith in the future of GFW, let's be honest - they've been in this same position over and over and over and over and over. Also, it's not like Jeff Jarrett no longer being involved in the situation is a harbinger of doom. I like Jeff, he seems like the kind of guy I'd be good friends with, but come on.

In other news, I no longer have any chance of being friends with Jeff Jarrett.

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