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Break the Walls Down

Debuting onAugust 9, 1999, Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho followed up on months of "Countdown to the Millennium" television spots by interrupting The Rock in one of that summer's most memorable segments. Jericho floundered for much of the rest of the year, with allegations that he worked too stiff and could not adjust to "WWF style" giving Y2J enough backstage heat to keep his star from rising.

A promising Intercontinental Title feud with Chyna, though, rebuilt the reputation of the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, and Jericho managed to pin WWF Champion Triple H for the belt on the April 17, 2000 Raw. But the title was returned to Helmsley in a classic "Dusty finish" later on in the program (Jericho asserts in one of his autobiographies that this night was Vince McMahon's guarantee that Jericho would one day win the big one for real).

Y2J spent a good portion of the summer feuding with Chris Benoit, a program which would continue off an on into 2001 and which would produce some the year's most tremendous displays of technical wrestling.

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