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Goldberg's 5 biggest matches in his WWE/WCW career

What were the best Goldberg matches during his WCW career and his first run with WWE? Check out our list here

Would Goldberg vs Lesnar 2.0 exceed expectations?

Bill Goldberg is coming back to World Wrestling Entertainment. Who would have thought that would ever happen, right? It’s surreal sitting here in 2016 writing about the comeback of a man who last appeared in a WWE ring in 2004.

It’s not just that Goldberg is coming back at age 49, but he’s doing it likely at Survivor Series in a match against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. If Goldberg came back against a smaller guy or somebody that could bump around for his offence it would probably be better for him.

However, against the brute force of Lesnar, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a physical match.

On this past week’s Raw, Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman did a promo about how it still bothers Lesnar that Goldberg beat him in their one and only match at WrestleMania 20 in 2004. It was an infamously bad match that the New York City crowd booed for much of the night and both guys left the company.

Lesnar came back eight years later. Goldberg is coming back twelve years later. The Survivor Series match isn’t official yet, but it likely will be announced in the coming weeks. In order to get us ready for that match, let’s look at five of Goldberg’s biggest matches from his career in WCW and WWE. 

#5 The Match That Started The Streak

Hugh Morrus was the man that started it off for Goldberg

There’s no legendary career of Bill Goldberg without “The Streak” so if we’re talking about the biggest matches then the match that started The Streak has to be on the list.

It took place on September 22, 1997 against Hugh Morrus, who was a WCW mid card wrestler during most of his career. Goldberg was a physically imposing looking guy that we had never seen before, but with his black trunks, black boots and shaved head he did resemble Steve Austin a bit although he clearly, was a bigger man.

They wrestled for a few minutes with Morrus nailing a moonsault off the top rope. Goldberg kicked out, which was a surprise. Goldberg nailed a couple of power slams and then finished him off with a suplex into a slam that we would come to know as the Jackhammer.

Goldberg’s win streak saw him win 173 matches in a row, which is a fake number WCW made up to make it sound more impressive. However, he couldn’t have got going without this match. 

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