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Goldberg slams Roman Reigns over use of the Spear, lays down an incredible challenge ahead of WrestleMania

  • Goldberg had some stern words for his WrestleMania opponent.
Matty Paddock
Modified 05 Mar 2020, 02:54 IST

Reigns or Goldberg - who delivers a better Spear?
Reigns or Goldberg - who delivers a better Spear?

Professional wrestling is home to many high-impact, bone-crunching moves - but perhaps one of the most brutal, is the Spear.

Utilized by many WWE Superstars, the move - which simulates an exaggerated football tackle of sorts - sees one wrestler hurl themselves headfirst into the midriff of their opponent, usually with devastating consequences.

Plenty have used it to great effect inside the squared circle - WWE Hall of Famer Edge, for instance, has made the move his own, while The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, also counts the move as one of the most frequently-used and high-profile in his arsenal.

Interestingly, all of those who use it have a way of putting their own stamp on it to avoid it becoming repetitious - which is just as well, given that many feel nobody has done it better than Goldberg, the current WWE Universal Champion.

The former WCW supremo destroyed all the competition in both WCW and WWE at varying points in his career, so it's hardly a surprise that he's had his say on Reigns' version of the move, given that, in recent years, it has perhaps become more synonymous with the former Shield member than Goldberg himself.

Speaking on an interview with WWE's The Bump, Goldberg was, in part, incredibly complementary to Reigns - the man he'll meet for the Universal title at WrestleMania - in many respects, but perhaps wasn't quite so kind when referencing that all-important spear. He said, when asked to compare the two:

"I can still deliver a spear a hell of a lot harder than he can. So, we’re gonna see. I don’t spear to make contact. I spear to drive through people, so there’s a difference... just a big difference. His is a little bit more theatrical and mine is all about delivering some pain".

So it appears the challenge has been made, the gauntlet thrown down - Goldberg says he can deliver the Spear "a hell of a lot harder" than Reigns. Is he right?

Will the Spear be the deciding factor in the WWE Universal title match at WrestleMania?


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Published 05 Mar 2020, 02:54 IST
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