Kurt Angle says 36-year-old WWE star is the next Shawn Michaels

Kurt Angle and WWE NXT boss Shawn Michaels.
Kurt Angle and WWE NXT boss Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels' name often gets mentioned when talking about the greatest WWE stars of all time. During his recent podcast episode, Kurt Angle claimed that Seth Rollins had proven to be the modern-day Shawn Michaels.

Kurt Angle worked closely with Shawn Michaels in WWE as the duo had some of the best matches of their careers together. The Olympic hero stated that from the current crop of talent, Seth Rollins came closest to matching The Heartbreak Kid's exploits inside the squared circle.

While Angle clarified that Seth Rollins still had some way to go before he could officially be anointed as 'the next Shawn Michaels,' he felt that the RAW superstar was on the right path.

Here's what the WWE Hall of Famer revealed on The Kurt Angle Show:

"You know what? It's not too much of a leap to say that he is the next Shawn Michaels. I believe he will be eventually. He is not there yet because Shawn put in a lot more years. So you know, 30-something years." [9:35 - 9:50]

Kurt Angle on why Seth Rollins reminds him of WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels

As noted above, Shawn Michaels rarely failed to deliver in his matches during his prime, as he always made his opponents look great.

Kurt Angle explained that Seth Rollins had also developed the ability to put on five-star matches irrespective of who he was facing. Additionally, Seth Rollins has found ways to reinvent himself and maintain his relevancy at the top, similar to how Shawn Michaels remained a main-event talent until his retirement.

Angle continued:

"He does remind me of Shawn because everybody he wrestles, he has five-star matches with. I mean, when you have that kind of chemistry with everyone, you're an incredible performer. And I think Seth Rollins is a lot like Shawn Michaels." [9:51 - 10:03]

Do you agree with the Olympic gold medalist? Has WWE found the next Shawn Michaels in Seth Rollins? Sound off in the comments section below.

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