"He was unrecognizable" - Arn Anderson on Scott Steiner transforming into Big Poppa Pump

Scott Steiner
Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner's transformation into his "Big Poppa Pump" persona is one of the most drastic transformations we have seen in pro-wrestling. Arn Anderson recently discussed Steiner's transformation into Big Poppa Pump on his podcast, ARN.

Arn Anderson is currently a part of AEW and is a Nightmare Family member as Cody's advisor and the head coach.

While discussing Scott Steiner's WCW career, Arn Anderson discussed his transformation into the Big Poppa Pump character. He said it was unlike any other transformation he's seen. Anderson then discussed the Big Poppa Pump character and how well he did as a top heel in WCW.

"Now, when Scott became Big Poppa Pump, he was unrecognizable. I’d never seen a guy transform his body – he had huge arms and was in great shape when he was young, but he looked like a guy that could’ve went on the stage without any prior experience and won Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding.
"I’ve never seen anything like that in the business – a guy make that kind of change. He had that character, he had that rage and anger in him that was very real. Him in that role as the lead heel – it was a spectacle in and of itself. It was never lost on me. I would like at the guy and look at whoever else was watching with me and I would just go, ‘My God.’ That was about all I could get out because it was incredible. He was one thing in that era that you knew what you had.

Scott Steiner signed with WWE after WCW

Scott Steiner signed with WWE in 2002 after his contract with Time-Warner expired. He debuted at the Survivor Series PPV in MSG, taking out Matt Hardy and Christopher Nowinski.

Steiner then signed with the RAW brand and entered into a feud with Triple H. Steiner faced Triple H in two title matches, winning the first by DQ and losing the second match. The matches were a disappointment, and Steiner dropped down the card until his release in 2004.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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