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Heel turn soon in the works for WWE big name?

Sudhir Bose
26.29K   //    10 Feb 2016, 20:10 IST
Role reversal in the pipeline?

Add two more names to the ‘victims of own success’ list. And not just any old names, two of the biggest in the WWE right now. The brass are wondering with furrowed brows over the direction for John Cena and Roman Reigns.

The face of the company and the man touted to be his successor aren't pulling in the numbers they were expected to in merchandise sales and this has the suits at WWE worried no end. Cena's merchandise sales are a mere shadow of those a year ago and Reigns’ non-magnetism isn’t doing anything to compensate, especially with Cena’s absence due to injury.

With a great number of Cena’s fans outgrowing his gimmick and him not being the draw he used to with a younger audience, Creative might finally have to pull the trigger and turn Cena heel. While this is just speculation according to DailyWrestlingNews, it might not be a bad idea and if scrutinised and executed well, it just might prove a master stroke.

Large numbers of idle stock have forced WWE to hold a lot of sales of late, particularly of Cena merch. The leader of the Cenation is still the WWE’s USP when it comes to merchandise, but a rumoured push for Reigns at WrestleMania 32 might have more to do with sales numbers than anything else.   

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