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4 Feuds From The Past That Should Culminated Inside Hell In A Cell

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This is too personal to be contained in just a square ring, sadly WWE will never learn
This is too personal to be contained in just a square ring, sadly WWE will never learn

The Hell in A Cell PPV this Sunday has been the subject of much discussion recently for one solid reason. Fans don't feel the current matches booked on the card should be contested inside Hell in a Cell.

Both Braun-Roman and Orton-Hardy are just getting started as feuds, despite the amount of history behind them. It feels like a ploy by WWE to stick Roman as the night's main event while pretending that the cell will keep out any interference. At the same time, Orton and Hardy inside the cell is clearly a set up to allow Jeff Hardy to pull off some crazy stunt. Hopefully, it doesn't get him killed.

Yet this isn't the first time WWE has made an error of judgment with their October PPV. As a PPV the concept dilutes the stipulation as writers are forced to send rivalries to their conclusion unnaturally, even though it doesn't warrant one.

Yet within the same event, there's a strong reason for another match to get that vicious Hell in A Cell treatment such as Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles. Much like that, here are four matches that should have been inside Satan's Structure on the PPV through the years.

#4 CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash/HHH, Hell in A Cell 2011

The Summer of Punk getting Punked!
The Summer of Punk getting Punk'd!

There's multiple "What If's" raised about how WWE treated the Summer of Punk after Money in the Bank and how they might have done it better. One of the most potent arguments that arise is Punk arriving too early on the scene back to WWE. Another one is Triple H getting the opportunity to put him down at Night of Champions.

So let's get to a smaller infraction the WWE made, in effectively destroying Punk's aura. It was well aware that the Chicago Native wasn't going to walk out of his 2011 Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match against John Cena and Alberto Del Rio as champion. WWE would have been smart to altogether avoid giving Punk the opportunity to even try, let alone being the one to take the pinfall (again!).

Instead, WWE could have given Punk the opportunity to pull over the wool on the whole charade perpetrated most likely by Vince McMahon, by taking out Kevin Nash or even an unwitting Triple H. This was Punk could get his win back while also translating into the tag team rivalry with the ruthless Awesome Truth.

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