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Highlights from the GFW teleconference with Global Champion Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

Riju Dasgupta
584   //    31 Aug 2017, 17:18 IST

We caught up with the GFW Global Champion and his close compadre
We caught up with the GFW Global Champion and his muscle

The professional wrestling world celebrated Eli Drake's long overdue title win when he won a 20 man gauntlet match from the Number 2 position. Now as GFW Global Champion, Drake and his trusted companion, Chris Adonis, have a chance to rewrite the future of a brand that has been tainted with many controversies.

Both men were part of a conference call last night, and we had a chance to listen in and ask a few questions. Here are some major highlights.

What is your reaction to what went down between Rosemary and Sexy Star at Triple Mania?

Eli Drake: Very unprofessional on Sexy Star’s part. I’ve heard of her reputation before… I hope for everybody’s sake, this isn’t going to damage the relationship between AAA and GFW, and hopefully, it’s handled appropriately. I’m actually going there next week, to wrestle AAA, to defend the Global title, so I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for things like that.

I’m definitely going to be on a little bit higher alert as far as that’s concerned, and make sure nothing like that goes down while I’m there.

What do you think of celebrities in a wrestling ring, and how was it working with a non-wrestler like DeAngelo Williams?

Eli Drake: Bringing somebody like that, a guy who picked it up pretty well as far as wrestling is concerned and he was able to have a hell of a dance partner. A couple of dance partners. And it all turned out pretty well. If you can cross promote and bring new eyes to what we're doing, I mean that's always a plus. At the same time, don't go getting too familiar with us. Don't get into my room. Don't walk into my home.

Chris Adonis: Kind of like McGregor-Mayweather. I mean McGregor had a nice showing. Did he win the fight? No. And DeAngelo Williams had a great showing. I mean technically I went through the table. But if this was a real wrestling match, DeAngelo Williams would get killed by either myself or Eli Drake.

How was it wrestling in India and how different is it from wrestling in the United States?

Eli Drake: I simply loved India. A...I got the most delicious food. I love a little spice in my life, to be honest. And my personal motto, when it comes to women, if you're brown...I'm down. Although that's not exclusive. I also like white women. I like Asian women. I like black women. If you're hot, knock at my door and I'll answer. The crowd over there were very passionate, they were very attentive and they were in all the way. So I must say that I did appreciate India.

Chris Adonis: Can we just let the 'if you're brown, I'm down' statement settle for a minute because that was (everybody laughs). Hey, I'll say the same thing. We were shown a lot of love in India, just like everywhere else in the world, but India's just a very friendly place. A couple of guys who were a little too friendly, I must say. Other than that, it's a lovely place to go and work and wrestle. Like I said, Eli Drake and I, whatever we do, on this globe, we get massive love. And India was no different. Massive love from the moment you arrived.

There have been a lot of departures from the company, from Da Pope to Low Ki, to Tyrus to Davey Richards. Do you think their departure will affect the company, going forward?

Eli Drake: No, not at all. I think it's the normal part of a talent driven business. Talent's gonna come, talent's gonna go. Sometimes people aren't happy with the business positions and what they're doing. Sometimes the company's not happy with the position that the talent is in and what they're doing.

Sometimes it's natural you gotta part ways if you're not happy doing what you're doing and move on. If the other talent is carrying the weight, there's very little bearing if any at all, because the show will continue. We got enough talent that if everyone's pulling their weight, I don't think those departures make a big difference as far as the product's concerned.

It's never good to see the people you've made a connection with or made a bond with over the years as far as working together, to leave but if that had to happen, it's a natural part of the business and can't do much except wish them luck and hope everything works out.

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