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Hot Take: 5 Reasons Why Seth Rollins Is A Bad Universal Champion 

Where did WWE go wrong?
Where did WWE go wrong?
Modified 13 May 2019, 19:15 IST
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You could pinpoint the moment in time when the WWE Universe was craving for a new Universal Champion, as Brock Lesnar's title reign had become staler than WWE's attempt at comedy, and everyone knew that the person who would finally dethrone Lesnar would truly have ascended to the next level in the company.

To everyone's surprise that person was none other than the man who stole the show at Wrestlemania 31. It was Seth freaking Rollins, and the entire WWE Universe was okay with Rollins replacing Lesnar as the next Universal Champion. Let's be honest, anyone would do a better job than Lesnar at that point in time.

Therefore, Rollins squashed Lesnar at Wrestlemania to capture the WWE Universal Title, and went on to revolutionise Monday Night Raw. Now, for those that read that sentence, only one half of it is true, as Rollins' reign has been mediocre at best. Today let's look at the reasons why Rollins has been a bad World Champion, and how WWE could change that.

#5 Babyface Rollins Doesn't Get The Job Done

There's no Rollins like heel Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of those wrestlers that was born to play a certain role, as we have seen the likes of John Cena, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin play both the heel/face dynamic like pros, but Rollins falls in the category that includes stars like Randy Orton, where they just can't be the same by playing against their type.

This is clearly evident when you look at both of Rollins' World Title reigns and compare them, as even his underwhelming 2015 title run was way more interesting than his bland 2019 Universal Title reign.

Rollins needs that edge, that drive, and that motivation in all of his feuds, as that what makes him a special wrestler in a sea of even more spectacular performers, but without that razor edge as a heel, Rollins lacks those qualities. Therefore, by WWE possibly turning him heel, Seth can unlock his true potential, which will allow his title reign to increase tenfold in quality.

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Published 13 May 2019, 19:15 IST
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