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How to book Ambrose vs Reigns vs Rollins for the main event at WrestleMania 31?

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Yes. That’s right. There is a possibility that WWE can invest monumentally in its future by letting these three young superstars main event their biggest show of all time. There is a great storyline to it. And each of these superstars have been protected by the management. They have been booked strong in most of their singles journey. Roman Reigns is the one the management eyes as the next big thing.  But they still haven’t ignored the possibility of having Ambrose and Rollins in the main event picture. Ambrose has main evented two pay per views already. Rollins is in line to win his maiden singles championship which so happens to be the biggest championship in the WWE. He has the look and if utilized correctly, he really can be the man to carry the mantle forward.

If the company is serious about investing in their future, this is the right time. Having these three fresh faces to main event Wrestlemania is the biggest opportunity WWE has in making the lost fan come back to its product or have more fans lining up to consume this product. These three aren’t just new faces, they really are compelling in their own ways. While Reigns has the look, Rollins is the wrestling highlight reel and Ambrose has that certain attitude which sets him apart and yet draws people’s attention.

Rollins plays a brilliant heel- one who is easily loathed. Ambrose hasn’t yet scored a big win on any pay per view. He’s lost all his big matches. Yet these losses haven’t been able to bury him. His persona is accentuated by what he does before and after the result of his matches. The Ambulance match is an exception though.

This week’s Smackdown will see Reigns and Ambrose team up to beat Rollins and his lackeys. This might be the start of the build up to that very wishful main event. Or maybe not.

Here’s how WWE can book it:

Have Rollins lose at Royal Rumble

Rollins already has a cash-in opportunity. Having Lesnar win will be the ideal option so that he walks into the next PPV as Champion. The next PPV is not Elimination Chamber. It’s called ‘Fast Lane’. That means Lesnar won’t be facing 5 other superstars in a chamber and will be facing just one instead. And who should that one be? It should be the one who the management wants to beat the One in 21 and one - Roman Reigns.

Have Reigns win the Championship from Lesnar at Fast Lane


WWE will find a way to book Roman Reigns against Lesnar despite Reigns winning or not winning the Rumble. The Elimination Chamber usually doesn’t need to have the Royal Rumble winner facing the Champion. If Reigns beats Lesnar, that is some major putting over since he gets to beat the one who conquered the streak and decimated John Cena. That gives Reigns some huge credibility and attention as people who were fans before don’t watch the product regularly will watch Lesnar. And then do this -

Seth Rollins cashes in and wins

Yes, Rollins snatches the championship from Reigns. That sets up a match at Wrestlemania between the former brothers for sure.  Reigns will use his rematch clause and it doesn’t matter if Lesnar takes his rematch clause. I mean, has Randy Orton been given a chance to take his rematch clause since Wretlemania 30?

And now finally, back to the start.

Have Ambrose win the Rumble.

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He’s not Reigns and he is popular with the casual fans and majorly with hardcore fans on the Internet and beyond.  He is the emerging anti-hero. He hasn’t won any big matches but if he wins the Rumble, all of his losses won’t compare to this accomplishment.

This sets up the triple threat match for Wrestlemania. A dream match, maybe.

If only Orton could be kept away from Rollins until then. 

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