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How WWE may be planning a feud between John Cena, The Undertaker, and Elias

Shrey Katsura
3.85K   //    15 Apr 2019, 14:20 IST

Elias and The Undertaker
Elias and The Undertaker

Alas, I think it's okay to assume that The Undertaker will never ever retire from WWE, at least that's what last week's RAW episode seems to point at. If you are not aware of the things that went down at the RAW after WrestleMania, let me enlighten you a little.

You see, Elias took the stage again this past Monday Night RAW to give us a taste of his rap which was obviously meant to get back at John Cena, or to be more precise - Dr. of Thuganomics, which Cena returned as during WrestleMania 35. Anyway, the final lines of the rap goes like this:

Mark my words, the next one to interrupt me is a deadman.

And boom!

Just like that, The Undertaker returned to WWE because Elias literally asked for it. After performing his Signature Chokeslam and a Tombstone piledriver as a follow-up, The Undertaker made it very clear that his time hasn't come yet.

But most importantly, why would WWE do that? Why would they bring up an old man to beat Elias, just one night after John Cena made his triumphant return? Well, the only thing I can think of is that WWE is indeed planning on having a feud between them.

Why it would be good?

First of all, WWE fans have been begging John Cena to have an onscreen character change. Bringing him back as Dr.of Thuganomics not only just made fans scream in excitement, but also took everyone down a nostalgic old school ride, something that was very much needed. Because in the end, it's all about going back to your roots right?

Anyway, since Elias has incredible mic skills, and Cena is no less of a professional as well, this feud would lead up to some memorable verbal battles, promos that would actually be interesting than the ones we have been getting lately (looking at you Ronda Rousey).

Why is it necessary?

Last year's WrestleMania match between John Cena and The Undertaker was, well, terrible. It didn't even last for a minute and John Cena must indeed be looking for a rematch because that's how John Cena works, right? (best in the world and all that).


The Undertaker has no gain from this match but every time he's out there it makes the fans extremely happy. It always comes down to that one more match and about seeing him for the last time. Anyway, this entire feud would benefit Elias the most if it's done right.

Elias is an incredible athlete, one who gives standout promos and throws in some cool looking maneuvers as well. My point is that Elias deserves a big push in WWE, he deserves to headline main events in PPVs, and this would be an incredible opportunity for him.

In a triple threat match where John Cena and The Undertaker are busy solving their past conflict, Elias could easily grab a victory. A victory that would up his game in the WWE.

When should the match happen?

My safest bet would be SummerSlam, as a match of this caliber involving two of the greatest superstars needs a big PPV and a lot of build up. If you didn't know, this year's SummerSlam PPV is scheduled for August 11 in Toronto, Canada.

However, unfortunately, John Cena doesn't really know what's next for him in WWE after WrestleMania 35. Speaking to, he stated the following:

That’s my one rabbit out of the hat, I don’t know what the hell I am going to do after this.

It seems either Cena really doesn't know about his future prospects with the WWE or maybe he wants us to think that way.

What are your thoughts on this? Should a feud between The Undertaker, John Cena, and Elias be booked? Or maybe John Cena's time is really up? Tell me in the comments below.