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How WWE should book Seth Rollins vs. Jason Jordan 

Isaac Jerome
1.10K   //    05 Feb 2018, 15:07 IST

Seth Rol
Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins on Raw's 25th Anniversary episode

On the 25th December, 2017 edition of WWE Raw, an unlikely duo of Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan successfully cemented their status as an official tag team by winning the Raw Tag Team Championships from The Bar.

However, Jordan's second tag team title reign on the main roster came to a halt after losing the belts back to The Bar at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. An oddly structured match, the tag team match was for a majority of the match a handicap match when Jordan was working a concussion outside the ring after hitting the ring post. In reality, this was to cover Jordan's ongoing neck injury, limiting his in-ring action.

As WWE has been teasing hints of dissension between this tag team, it is most probable that these two will clash at Wrestlemania 34 as it seems that WWE has no time to insert any of these two men into other relevant feuds anymore. The real question, however, is how will WWE plan and initiate this storyline to enhance its relevance on the card?

Jason Jordan was rejected by the WWE Universe since being in the "illegitimate son" angle with Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle. His character grew more and more into a whiny babyface, which certainly worked to draw a lot of heat from the crowd.

Despite his gimmick, Jordan's in-ring performance is undeniably worthy of high-profile matches. Given enough time, Jordan and Rollins can have a decent mid-card match at The Show of Shows.

However, a match consisting of two talented wrestlers would still be insufficient without a plot for the fans to have something to care about.

A slow burn storyline (e.g. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton's 2017 rivalry) between these two, with a concluding heel turn by Jordan, may be a perfect set-up for their match. Seth Rollins may serve as the patient "mentor", while Jordan can continue his grousing act where he finally turns on Rollins.

We may also very well see the return of the livid and motivated Seth Rollins in the same manner as his feud with Triple H last year.

If the story is done right, fans may find interest in this rivalry due to overwhelming emotions from both men. Jordan, however, might still need to add more work to his charisma and mic skills in order to achieve a connection with the WWE universe.

Observing how the crowd is not getting behind Jordan, capitalizing this situation to turn him into a full-fledged heel may garner ridiculous amounts of heat. Jordan costing Rollins an Intercontinental title opportunity or another tag team title match should reignite Rollins' aggressiveness.

In a scenario where this match really does happen at WrestleMania, Rollins should, by all means, take the victory here. Scoring a tremendous win against The Game last year only to be losing to an ex American Alpha member the following year is a bad idea.

Jason Jordan still has a lot to prove, and granting him a big win against Seth Rollins at this stage of his career may look all too early. Jordan's worked "concussion" may also be dragged all the way to The Grandest Stage of Them All as part of the storyline. A 15-minute match showcasing a gutsy Jason Jordan, finally falling to a vicious Curb Stomp/Blackout onto the mat should be the finish.

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