Huge cheating scandal & more - 4 ways Liv Morgan can make Dominik Mysterio 'fall in love with her' on WWE RAW

Will Liv Morgan have an affair with Dominik Mysterio on WWE RAW? Let
Liv Morgan is the reigning WWE Women's World Champion [Image source:]

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has promised Rhea Ripley that she will take everything that belongs to the latter. She has already got her hands on the Women's World Championship, and now she has her sights set on Dominik Mysterio.

Morgan is desperate to send a message to Mami by winning over "Dirty Dom" and getting him to side with her on the red brand. Fans are curious to see if the latter is indeed betraying Rhea Ripley for the new Women's World Champion, and if so, what is the champion's ploy?

Here, we look at four things Liv Morgan can do to make Dominik Mysterio "fall in love with her" on WWE RAW.

#1 Liv Morgan aggressively flirts with Dominik Mysterio

Liv Morgan shocked the WWE Universe when she locked lips with Dominik Mysterio after he accidentally helped her retain the Women's World Championship on RAW. Last week, she openly flirted with The Judgment Day member until Finn Balor intervened. The Miracle Kid even stopped Braun Strowman from attacking "Dirty" Dom.

We could see her taking her flirting with Dominik Mysterio up by several notches on WWE RAW. It would help Morgan's plan to win over Dominik and, in the process, fulfill her promise to take away everything from Rhea Ripley.

#2 Liv Morgan reveals affair with Dominik Mysterio on WWE RAW

"Yeah, but she will probably kill you too," said Morgan when Dominik Mysterio warned her against playing mind games with Rhea Ripley. Too much has unfolded between the two superstars on WWE RAW for Mami to ignore, and we may see a massive betrayal angle play out on the red brand soon.

Dominik Mysterio first helped Liv Morgan beat Becky Lynch to win the Women's World Championship and then assisted the champion in retaining her gold. Although "Dirty" Dom has claimed that he planned to do the opposite on both occasions, there are far too many coincidences to overlook. We could see Morgan expose their scandalous affair behind the scenes, proving Dominik's betrayal of Rhea Ripley.

#3 Liv Morgan promises Money in the Bank to Dominik Mysterio

Morgan will likely leave no stone unturned to get Dominik Mysterio on her side. In her bid to win over Rhea Ripley's beau, we may see the Women's World Champion promise a massive career-changing opportunity to "Dirty" Dom in the coming weeks.

Next month, top WWE Superstars from RAW and SmackDown will compete for the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase. Morgan could promise "Dirty" Dom that she would help him become the next MITB winner to lure him into choosing her over Rhea Ripley.

This would be similar to Rhea Ripley helping Dominik Mysterio during his NXT North American Championship reign, thereby rubbing salt into Mami's wounds.

#4 Liv Morgan poisons Dominik Mysterio against the Judgment Day

As mentioned, Finn Balor took it upon himself to keep Liv Morgan from getting closer to Dominik Mysterio on RAW. Although The Prince successfully kept "Dirty" Dom away from the Women's World Champion, he may still have to closely watch his fellow Judgment Day member.

It is worth noting that Dominik Mysterio did not accompany the rest of The Judgment Day in the closing moments of RAW last week. Drew McIntyre tried to attack Damian Priest after the main event, but the World Heavyweight Champion was prepared for his challenger.

Priest got the better of McIntyre and put him through the announce desk before making a statement with The Judgment Day. But Dominik Mysterio was nowhere to be seen, raising concerns about his whereabouts. He will be asked to justify himself, and Morgan could use the opportunity to turn him against the faction, manipulating Dominik into ultimately joining her on WWE RAW.