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Humour: Fantasy booking a possible WWE career for Sergio Ramos

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Ramos has a reputation for being overly aggressive.
Ramos has a reputation for being overly aggressive.

Note: This article is a work of fiction and has nothing to do with reality. Please don't take it seriously.

Sergio Ramos lifted his third consecutive Champions League trophy as the captain of Real Madrid, on Saturday. However, he did it after a highly controversial moment in the first half, where he apparently brought down Liverpool's star man Mohamed Salah intentionally, causing him to go off injured.

This is not the first time the Spanish defender has been overly violent and aggressive in his approach, he has received such a reputation after getting countless red cards over the years.

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His dirty tactics continue as he goes down easily in attempts to win cheap free kicks throughout the game. Such qualities would be endeared in WWE. An aggressive nature and a knack for selling could provide Ramos with yet another perfect career path after he is done with football. And if his Steamboat-esque arm drag on Salah is anything to go by, I think Ramos would be a natural in the WWE ring.

Ramos injures Mohamed Salah during the Champions League final.
Ramos injures Mohamed Salah during the Champions League final.

It starts when Ramos tearfully says goodbye to Real Madrid and football after winning a sixth consecutive Champions League final, saying that he is so bored of winning at football that he wants to try something new. He is recommended pro wrestling, as his mean streak and acting on the pitch would make him a natural Superstar in the ring.

Convinced, Ramos starts training to become a wrestler. After about a year of training, Ramos travels to the United States to attend Wrestlemania 38, which is in New Orleans, after four long years. He spots a Barcelona jersey in the stands and makes his way to start a brawl.

The brawl is so prominent that the wrestlers in the ring stop what they are doing to see the carnage in the crowd. Vince McMahon is said to be impressed by Ramos' aggression and wants to sign him to WWE.

Ramos signs with WWE and moves to Florida, training at the performance centre. During WWE's next tour to Europe, The Usos are set to take on Rusev and a mystery partner at their live event in Barcelona. Rusev, a huge Real Madrid fan, scans the crowd, before picking out an anonymous man in a black hoodie and mask. He makes his way to the ring and reveals himself to be Sergio Ramos! The boos in Barcelona are thunderous, as Ramos and Rusev pick up the victory.

Real Madrid won the Champions League on Rusev Day.
Real Madrid won the Champions League on Rusev Day.

From there on, Ramos and Rusev are a full-blown tag team. Ramos becomes known for his over-the-top selling and his deadly finisher, the Stoppage Time Flying Headbutt, a tribute to his late goals and his ex-manager Zinedine Zidane.

The pair will then win four Tag Team championships together. After a dominant run spanning close to two years, Sergio Ramos brutally turns on Rusev after the two of them constantly argue over Zidane's sacking for failing to win a ninth consecutive Champions League.

At Wrestlemania 40, Ramos defeats Rusev in a match where Rusev's career is on the line. After the match, Ramos picks up a microphone and says that Rusev Day has been permanently cancelled, in Spanish of course.

He becomes the most hated man in wrestling like he was in football. After WrestleMania, Ramos is built up as a big Spanish bully who needs to cheat to win all the time. He is a bigger and less charming version of Eddie Guerrero.

His antics lead him to three Intercontinental Championship victories, and an opportunity to face WWE Champion Seth Rollins. He introduces a new move to his unique collection, a sliding tackle from behind. Once he hits Rollins with it, the title is sealed. Sergio Ramos is now the WWE Champion! Like in football, Ramos uses underhanded tactics to reach the top of the WWE.

That smug grin is perfect for a heel.
That smug grin is perfect for a heel.

Ramos goes on a tear as champion. He even appears during a FIFA tournament on Xavier Woods' Up Up Down Down gaming channel, obviously choosing Real Madrid. He is disqualified after beating up Tyler Breeze for selecting Barcelona.

His violence causes even more problems, as opponents use it as an advantage to try and beat the former Sevilla defender. Ramos ultimately loses the title to fellow Hispanic star Andrade 'Cien' Almas. He goes on a tantrum after that, calling Almas names on social media.

Gerard Pique tweets a cheeky message to troll Ramos, who takes it personally. He invites the centre-back to WWE's next live event in Barcelona before he brings him to the ring, and launches a vicious attack on him. Pique requires a stretcher, and Ramos is immediately fired for being too violent. He feels this is an injustice and claims that Barcelona and WWE are working together.

Upon returning to Spain, he becomes a coach at Madrid. After another managerial sacking for failing to win the Champions League, Sergio Ramos is the new Real Madrid manager.

He goes on to win two La Ligas and three Champions Leagues, before getting sacked for losing his fourth Champions League final.

To sum it all, the biggest heel in world football went to WWE, became the biggest heel there, and came back to football.

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