If Jey Uso leaves The Bloodline, there is just one man who could replace him

Will Jey Uso be replaced in The Bloodline?
Will Jey Uso be replaced in The Bloodline?

Jey Uso could leave The Bloodline next week on SmackDown and there is only one man who could take his place.

Jey has been estranged from his family on WWE TV for more than a month, but Roman Reigns has now laid down an ultimatum for his cousin to return to the family next week.

Reigns told Paul Heyman this week that Jimmy Uso would be the man to blame if he wasn't able to convince his brother to make his return, but it's worth noting that Jimmy has another brother he could convince to join in order to win some favor with The Tribal Chief.

Solo Sikoa, Jimmy, and Jey Uso have another brother called Jeremiah. He's chosen to stay away from the family business and is the perfect recruit to be brought in to avoid Jimmy Uso being used as a scapegoat.

Who is Jeremiah Fatu, and how could he fit into The Bloodline?

Jeremiah Fatu is the middle brother who was born between the Uso twins and their youngest brother Solo Sikoa. Fatu is 36 years old and has chosen to stay away from the business his family has become known for. Jeremiah has kept a low profile and stays away from the limelight.

Jeremiah looks very similar to his three brothers and could be instantly recognizable to the WWE Universe if he is added to the group in place of Jey Uso. It looks like Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso are working as a tag team at the moment, so Jeremiah won't need to wrestle. Roman Reigns could use the 36-year-old as an example to show how quickly he can replace his cousin if Jey decides to side with Sami Zayn.

There are some deep issues in The Bloodline that won't be fixed within the next week. But having The Usos' entire family as part of a segment could take the storyline to a different level.

Do you think Jey Uso will leave The Bloodline? Share your thoughts and potential replacement ideas in the comments section below...

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