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Impact News: Konnan opens up on TNA name game; WCW luchadors & LAX

Johny Payne
558   //    14 Oct 2017, 22:56 IST

Konnan had words of high praise for Impact boss Ed Nordholm
Konnan had words of high praise for Impact boss Ed Nordholm

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Real Sport, LAX patriarch Konnan opened up on Impact going through multiple name changes over the past few months, besides speaking about LAX.

Additionally, Konnan asserted that he was considerably upset back when multiple Luchadors were unceremoniously unmasked in WCW, and although it doesn’t perturb him as much now, the company did exhibit their cultural ignorance in doing so.

In case you didn’t know…

Konnan has competed as a wrestler and worked extensively as a manager, booker and creative consultant primarily for AAA; recently signing with Impact.

The 53-year-old serves as the manager and leader of the Latin American Xchange (LAX), and has been prominently featured on Impact programming ever since.

The heart of the matter

Konnan addressed the name game underway at Impact, insinuating how the promotion went from TNA to Impact, then GFW/ GFW Impact, Impact Wrestling and so on and so forth. He explained that although the constant name changing may not affect the promotion’s viewership, it does harm the image of the brand.

Furthermore, he praised Impact head honcho Ed Nordholm for being forthright, unlike others who helmed the company in the past, emphasising the advent of the Global Network and Impact looking to shift base from Orlando, Florida to Canada as a great business move.

Konnan continued on a couple of other issues, and said, "(We’d) probably (want) Rey Mysterio (in LAX), but I don't think Rey Mysterio is the LAX type, y'know?"

"I'm not as upset about it as I was when it happened but, yes, it's a shame that it happened as it happened when it could have been done the right way. It was their cultural ignorance…They made a mockery of something they didn't understand and they were hell bent on doing it even though we tried to explain why they shouldn't do it, they did it anyway."

What’s next?

Konnan presently works with Impact, featuring on its tapings as part of his LAX crew.


Author’s take

Konnan has never been one to mince words, and is bang on the buck as regards to TNA’s name game hurting the company’s image.

As for seeing a veteran star such as Rey Mysterio joining LAX, I feel that the team is perfect the way it is and doesn’t need any more additions, lest we end up like late-nWo where anyone and everyone jumped in nWo.  

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