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Impact News: Magnus reveals real reason behind TNA exit

Why did Magnus leave TNA?

Apparently, Magnus parted ways with TNA, owing to its financial issues
Apparently, Magnus parted ways with TNA, owing to its financial issues

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with ClickOn.co, former TNA World Champion Magnus revealed the real reason behind his departure from TNA.

Magnus said that he parted ways with TNA/Impact owing to the promotion’s considerably vulnerable business model.

In case you didn’t know…

Magnus, whose real name is Nicholas Aldis, is perhaps best known for his time in TNA from 2008-17.

The 30-year-old British performer left the organisation earlier this year, despite being offered an improved contract with a significant pay hike by Impact management.

The heart of the matter

Magnus referenced Impact’s US deal with Spike-one that expired a few months ago, despite the fact that Impact secured a contract with Spike TV UK.

“The business model there was vulnerable. They had one major client which was Spike TV, and the big vulnerability there was that if that relationship ended then we knew it wasn’t gonna be around,” said the former GFW Global Champion.

He also revealed that he was the one to cut ties with the promotion: “I was safe for another year and a bit because I had a guaranteed contract, and I kind of said when this expires let’s go our separate ways.” 

What’s next?

Impact, under the reigns of Anthem exec Ed Nordholm, has been making headlines for its financial issues as of late.

However, with the addition of several familiar faces namely Johnny Impact (John Morrison), Taya Valkyrie, Konnan and a few others the promotion hopes to rally back from its worriment.

Author’s take

Well, you can’t blame Magnus here, can you? The man has a family to feed and tactfully decided to leave the struggling company.

I’d love to see him join his wife Mickie James in the WWE. The Englishman would be a great fit on the SmackDown brand and could possibly bag the company’s top titles someday.

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