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Interview: Impact's Laurel Van Ness labels the Sexy Star incident 'very unfortunate'

Steve Hermon
657   //    16 Sep 2017, 14:33 IST

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Global Force Wrestling star Laurel Van Ness has admitted that she would consider working with controversial luchadora Sexy Star, despite her legitimately harming her Impact colleague Rosemary.

The Mexican women's wrestler caused outrage across the wrestling world recently when she synched in an armbar on 'The Demon Assassin' at AAA's Triplemania show in Mexico City.

Speaking while on a visit to the UK, Van Ness, also known as Chelsea Green, gave her opinion on the situation to The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast in association with Sportskeeda, while also discussing her work in Global Force Wrestling, the Women's Revolution, who she wants to work with most from the Mae Young Classic and her own cameo in WWE with Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon.

Q What do you make of the British Wrestling Scene right now?

"I love it. The light has been shed on the UK and really all of Europe and the talent, with the Mae Young Classic and the Cruiserweights, so I'm so happy to come over here. It's a great opportunity, and hopefully, I can come back and continue to work with European promotions."

Q You mentioned the Mae Young Classic, how pleased are you to see that and how Women's Wrestling has evolved?

"I'm so proud of all these girls that are doing big things and travelling the world. It says a lot about women's wrestling that female Indy workers are going all over the world.

Q WWE coined the phrase 'Women's Revolution' but who do you think is responsible for it?

"I don't think any one person or any one company is responsible for it. I think that the fans came to a point where they snapped and they wanted more, they wanted to see more out of the females and I think that is thanks to WWE, Ring of Honor, Global Force Wrestling, Impact, TNA, all of these companies who have over and over and over again broken barriers and the boundaries that have been set for women and they've had these amazing matches and they've given the crowd, what the crowd want and more. So, the crowd has gotten behind us and asked for more and asked for main event matches and longer matches and I think that's thanks to the fans and the women of the past ten years. Finally, we've got to a point where we want more and we need a revolution.


Q It's certainly an exciting time to be a women's wrestler but at the same time does it increase the pressure to perform and do you thrive on that pressure?

"It definitely does. It increases the pressure to perform and be the best of the women or be the hardest hitting or the fastest high-speed wrestler or the best high-flyer. It's a lot of pressure but again, if you cannot perform under pressure, what are you doing in this industry? That's what it's all about.

Q Of course, we can't forget about the entertainment aspect and you've excelled with your bride character and storylines on Impact, it's been very entertaining?

"Thank you. It's kind of been a collaboration of everyone, my co-workers, my friends, my family, everyone's had their input on what the crazy character should be and I take it and run with it and so do the creative team. They've given me a lot of creative input and I'm thankful for that because that's something that everybody has the opportunity to say they have. This bride character has been so much fun.

Q You worked with Kongo Kong and now you're working with Grado and his visa storyline. What is it with the writers and linking you with these types of men, are they your type?

"They're my type, what can I say? I love them. I mean, Kong was funny because Kong was kind of a King Kong scenario, so we played off of that and then with Grado, he's one of the best babyfaces in the company. Everyone loves him, so I was very happy to be partnered with him and we have great chemistry when we do our promos and we have such a fun time and although the two men are very different, I have equally as much fun with both of them."

Q What are your thoughts on Global Force Wrestling? Has it got a clear brand and vision now?

"Yeah, we're all feeling very positive about the changes that have gone on and we're all excited to take the ball and run with it and see what happens. Nobody can predict the future but we just hope for the best.

Q When do you think you'll be coming to the UK with Impact and is that something you'd like to do?

"I am dying to do that. I was signed to the company right as they were doing their last tour, so I missed out but I cannot wait to come and do that. It's on my bucket list of things to do, and hopefully, 2018 will be my year."

Q Before Global Force Wrestling, you did flirt with WWE. You were in Tough Enough in 2015. How was that, because you were thrown in at the last minute?

"I was thrown in at the last minute as a replacement on Tough Enough, so it was hard. I tell people all the time, you have to be ready for WWE and especially Tough Enough, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. It was really rough but it was also an amazing stepping stone and I'm forever grateful for that because I was able to get a lot of bookings and opportunities from that show."

Q Before that, you also had a cameo in WWE during a segment on RAW with Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon, portraying his 'physical therapist.' Was that ever meant to go anywhere?

"No, it was never going to go anywhere. It was just adding fuel to the Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon fire and I was asked to do it very last minute. I was on tour with WWE, as a Rosebud (Adam Rose's group) and they just handed me this script and sent me out there. It was amazing. It was such a crazy opportunity. Who gets to say that they were able to do that a couple of months into their career?"

Q That's being thrown into the deep end?

"Oh my gosh, it's sink or swim."

Q We also wanted to ask you about the Sexy Star controversy. What did you make of what happened in Mexico with Rosemary?

"It’s really unfortunate what happened. I think Rosemary is an amazing worker, she takes care of everyone, she’s very safe. I think everyone feels comfortable with her in the ring, so I think it’s very unfortunate that something like that would happen to her. Essentially, the only thing we’re meant to do in this business is entertain you guys and keep each other safe and unfortunately that didn’t happen and it’s now gone viral and it’s kind of crazy but people need to know that when you’re getting in that ring, you need to take other people’s lives seriously.

Q If a storyline ever came up and you could 'do business' with Sexy Star, would you ever work with her?

“I actually have worked with Sexy Star in the past, we’ve had good matches, but it’s something I would really need to think about. At the end of the day, if I had to do a match, I’m going to do it and I’m going to protect myself but there would need to be some serious conversations beforehand and I think that everyone feels the same way. If we have to work her, we have to work her, we have to be professional and take care of her and make sure that she’s in a different mindset.”

Q There are plenty of women to wrestle all around the world though and you are spoiled for choice?

"Oh my gosh, I know, right now is amazing and women's wrestling is so hot. There are so many new talents, old talents coming up. It couldn't be hotter right now.

Q Is there anyone on your bucket list to wrestle?

"Well, there are a couple of people I haven't had singles matches that I would love and one being Viper. I love her. We lived together in Japan and I'd love to have a singles match with her.

Q She really impressed at the Mae Young Classic. She's really standing out and has this great ability to be a killer and yet really likeable, which is not easy to do?

"She's great. She is so great and deserves all the attention she's getting. I'm really happy for her.

"In Japan, they call her the Megaton Barbie and that's totally her. She's almost like a big killer and then on the other side, she's this beautiful Barbie and that's why people love her. She's so likeable and friendly and then when she gets in the ring she can really kick ass."

You can listen to the full interview and more in the latest episode of the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast on Audioboom, iTunes and Stitcher here.

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