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Impact Slammiversary XVII: Ranking each match

Nathan Smith
Published Jul 09, 2019
Jul 09, 2019 IST


As it has done for the past few PPV events, Impact has again hit it out of the park, as the 17th edition of Slammiversary was one of the best wrestling PPV's presented in all of 2019. While Impact doesn't get the respect it deserves, this was a fantastic card with plenty of great stories being told, and if the company continues to improve, they'll be on the verge of passing Ring of Honor as America's #3 company in no time.

The beauty of this card was that each and every match offered something different, and with all 4 Impact Championships on the line, the landscape of Impact could have changed in one night.

Unfortunately for the challengers, each Champion was able to successfully defend their titles, but how did each and every match stack up against each other?

#8 Moose def. RVD

Rob Van Dam vs Moose
Rob Van Dam vs Moose

Over the past year, Impact has used former ECW talent for nostalgia, and used correctly, they've all been fantastic. Unfortunately for Rob Van Dam, this just wasn't one of his best matches. It's clear that after all the years of physical abuse on his body, RVD just can't go at the speed he once could, but both men worked incredibly hard to make this one an interesting bout, and they did an admirable job.

Moose is finally coming into his own as a character, and a win over a legend like Rob Van Dam sets him up big for the future, and while it was the worst match on the card, Moose comes out a big-time winner. RVD could be very valuable if he stays with Impact going forward, but he's not the performer he once was, and if Impact wants to utilise him in the best way possible, it's likely best to avoid a PPV singles bout for him in the future.

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