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Impact Wrestling News: Ethan Page credits social media for giving him a bigger audience 

Greg Bush
96   //    14 Aug 2019, 07:35 IST

Ethan Page won't let the social media era pass him by
Ethan Page won't let the social media era pass him by

Social media is King

In this day and age, social media is the greatest tool and the most dangerous weapon that we possess. It can make or break a career in an instant. We've all seen the sudden boom in popularity of comedians, musicians, YouTube personalities, and even politicians after a random tweet or Facebook post goes viral.

It's nearly impossible to reach a level of fame today without tapping into that world. Without a daily vlog or wall of tweets for fans to follow, many performers and artists find themselves fading into the void, completely killing their careers. After all, it's important to build a relationship with your fanbase, and the realm of social media makes that easier than it's ever been. To not capitalize on that is career suicide, plain and simple.

Getting over through a computer screen

It's not exactly a brand new concept, but it's definitely one that is still vital in the newest era of professional wrestling. Fans are pretty divided on what they want to see from their favorite athletes, whether it's inspirational quotes, videos of their pets, or an extension of their on-air personality.

There's dozens of wrestlers that come to mind when thinking of those who were able to utilize social media correctly. Impact's Sami Callihan is one of the best at toying with his fans and critics, using YouTube and Twitter to send people into a tizzy, getting him booed out of nearly every building he's been in since the baseball bat incident back in 2018.

Another Impact star that understands this is All Ego himself, Ethan Page. The 29-year-old athlete believes that, with social media, he's able to reach a larger audience than ever thought possible. So when he was asked about the biggest change that he's seen in the business since starting his career, his answer was pretty obvious.

That social media is king. It's like a popularity barometer in a weird way. It kind of lets people know people care what this person has to say, or what he's doing, or where he is. Also, it's really helped me draw my audience to events, which is helpful for promoters but also helpful for merchandise or content now, I'm putting my fans in my vlogs.

Social media is absolutely necessary if someone is looking to break into the world of professional wrestling. Like Page said, it's needed to help draw fans to events that one would work, and is also a great way to sell merchandise. If you'd like to find out what else the Tag Team Champion had to say about evolving in this ever changing world of professional wrestling, be sure to check out the rest of his interview with Chris Van Vliet below.

Page plugged his YouTube channel where he uploads several vlogs a week. There you'll be able to see videos featuring other Impact stars like Jordynne Grace, The Rascalz, and Tessa Blanchard, along with special interactions he has with fans.


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