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Impact Wrestling News: Potential crossovers with NJPW and WOW-Women of Wrestling are possible

Daniel Wood
29 Oct 2019, 21:41 IST

Could we see WOW and NJPW working with Impact?
Could we see WOW and NJPW working with Impact?

Anthem's acquisition of AXS TV was certainly an exciting move and a definite positive for fans of Impact Wrestling, but ahead of Impact's official debut on the network, there are still some unanswered questions concerning the position of other wrestling promotions on the network.

Previous to Impact's arrival on AXS TV, the network was the American home of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. AXS TV has also been the home of Women of Wrestling's weekly show on Saturdays. An official announcement has yet to be made concerning these two shows and whether or not they will remain on AXS TV.

However, one positive sign could be that Impact Wrestling EVP Scott D'Amore recently told me during a conference call that although he couldn't comment on the programming, Impact was certainly open to working with either companies.

Here's D'Amore said in full:

Yeah, I’m not directly involved in the programming of AXS TV so I’ll leave that to be commented on by AXS TV personnel on that end as far as the relationship there.
What I will comment on is that on behalf of Impact Wrestling, if you look at our regime so far, it’s certainly always said that we believe we’re stronger together, which means that multiple companies coming together and working together to put on great compelling crossover events and we interact with each other for the betterment of both companies and the product is it’s not just a win/win, it’s a win-win-win for both companies to succeed, and the fans are the ultimate winners.

So certainly as a long-time fan and friends with many in New Japan, we’re always open to any collaboration with them, and we certainly respect Woman of Wrestling, who are out there with a weekly episodic, seasoned, female wrestling product, exclusively female wrestling product, and we certainly applaud them on that. We feel our Knockouts are the absolute best female performers and in many ways the best performers, period, in this industry.
And we welcome any collaboration with other great wrestling organizations, whether they’re featuring male of female competitors, if there’s compelling stories to be told and there’s good business to be done that rewards the companies and the fans then we’re open to New Japan, WOW, and anybody else that wants to come forward and look at working together with us.

Our track record is very strong on that, whether it’s our amazing partnership with AAA Lucha Libre in Mexico, or whether it’s right down to our smaller developmental partnerships with companies like Ohio Valley Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Revolver, we love to work with others in the industry big and small, if it makes sense and New Japan Pro Wrestling and WOW are certainly no different than that.
They know how to get a hold of us and we’re open and the same could be said if we have something that if we come across we’d be happy to reach out and have relations with both companies, if it makes sense for all of us then let’s do it! 

Fingers crossed that Impact, WOW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling end up collaborating in the future, especially if all three remain on AXS TV, because the combined wrestling product would be amazing for fans!

Do you want Impact Wrestling to work together with NJPW and WOW? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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