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Impact Wrestling News: Scott D'Amore confirms that there will be new titles soon

We get to see them as early as April.

News 11 Jan 2018, 22:43 IST

The Impact Wrestling Vice Presidents graced us with some good news
The Impact Wrestling Vice Presidents graced us with some good news

What's the story?

I was part of an Impact Wrestling Global Teleconference, featuring media from across the world. Scott D'Amore and Don Callis, Executive Vice Presidents of the Company answered questions about everything Impact Wrestling related.

Big Ray from 1Wrestling asked the two industry veterans about the eventual possibility of new title belts in the promotion, in coming months. D'Amore assured us that there would be new title belts, come April 2018.

In case you didn't know...

To say that the year 2017 has been tumultuous for Impact Wrestling would be an understatement. With frequent changes in management, the company's also had to change its name several times over the course of the year.

As a result of the same, let's just say that the current Championships have not exactly been aesthetically pleasing, to put it quite mildly.

The heart of the matter

Scott D'Amore represents the change of guard, from the old to the new, and had this to say about the change in look of the Championships:

The Championship belts are obviously something that everyone cares very greatly about. Part of it is, we needed to get in here and do things with the tapings coming up so quickly. There certainly will be new title belts for April.

Mr. D'Amore considered the changing of the titles to be a reflection of the changes in the company:

So by the time you see the next event after what we have here, there will be new Championship belts to reflect the changes in the company and try to establish an identity going forward.

What's next?

Impact Wrestling is currently taping in Universal Studios, Orlando, and from the looks of things, there should be many surprises that follow, in the coming days.

Author's take

This was a much-needed piece of information, for sure! I have spoken to Mr D'Amore in the past, and am confident that he and Don Callis will lead the company to a glorious future.

Let's hope that they can help in 'making Impact great again'!

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