IMPACT Wrestling Results: Moose attacked; Authority Figure fired

Moose and Sami Callihan hijack IMPACT Wrestling and demand Kenny Omega
Moose and Sami Callihan hijack IMPACT Wrestling and demand Kenny Omega
Greg Bush

IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds saw Kenny Omega retain the world championship, but more importantly, saw the surprise firing of Sami Callihan.

IMPACT Wrestling EVP Scott D'Amore was confronted by Moose, who was furious that Omega stole the championship on Saturday. With Callihan fired, the self-proclaimed Wrest felt he should be in for the title match at Slammiversary.

D'Amore knew that he had a valid reason to be upset, but Anthem was sending someone to personally deal with Don Callis' constant interference tonight, and couldn't make time. As he closed his office door, Moose vowed that time would be made for him.

TJP w/Fallah Bahh vs Black Taurus w/Crazzy Steve on IMPACT Wrestling

The former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion brought Black Taurus to the mat, working over the big man's arm. Taurus escaped, and the competitors traded arm drags. Taurus hit a flying arm drag but couldn't get to TJP before he leaped to his feet.

A big headbutt dropped TJP, and Taurus locked in a modified cloverleaf. A pumphandle backbreaker nearly broke TJP in half, and Taurus tried to tear him apart with a surfboard stretch.

The former X-Division Champion rolled through but was turned inside out with a hellacious clothesline. A torture rack and another backbreaker left TJP folded in the wrong direction.

TJP managed to break away from his opponent's terrifying grip, hitting a hurricanrana and springboard crossbody. A running boot and tornado DDT connected as well, forcing Taurus to roll to the floor to recover. TJP hit a massive dive that hit not only Taurus but Crazzy Steve and Fallah Bahh as well.

Back in the ring, the Mamba Splash connected.

Results: TJP defeated Black Taurus via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B

Moose attacked TJP immediately after his match and demanded a chair and microphone. It seemed that Moose was going to hold this show hostage until he got ahold of Scott D'Amore.

The former IMPACT Wrestling TNA World Champion wasn't leaving the ring for anyone but D'Amore. Security came down, and Moose threatened every single one of them.

When he turned around he was hit with a missile dropkick. Chris Sabin returned to take on Mr. IMPACT Wrestling, who injured Sabin a month ago at Under Siege.

Backstage, former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champions Rohit Raju and Ace Austin were arguing about what happened at Against All Odds. Madman Fulton, who ruined the five-way bout on Saturday, was there as well.

Austin apologized on behalf of Fulton, though he reminded Raju that he was partly responsible for Fulton taking that avalanche Canadian Destroyer last week. Austin asked for a partnership with Raju. The Mocha Skinned Manimal agreed.

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Edited by Alan John
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