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Impact Wrestling Results (18 May, 2017)

19 May 2017, 21:35 IST
The show was headlined by Trevor Lee, Low-Ki, and Andrew Everett

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling was taped at the ‘Impact Zone’ in Orlando, Florida that saw a big return and an iconic main event title match. The show started off with a video package of the events of last week where Alberto El Patron beat Magnus for the GFW Championship.

GFW Tag Team Title Tournament (First Round Match) – #1 LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/Konnan, Diamante & Homicide vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Santana started the proceedings with Kid. Santana hit Garza is the money maker and this forced Ortiz and Garza Jr. to get into the ring. Garza Jr. then lifted Kid, allowing him to dropkick both members of LAX. Garza Jr and Kid then leapt to the outside onto Santana and Ortiz.

The action again shifted to the ring when Garza Jr. tagged himself into the match. Garza dove off the top onto Ortiz. Santana then hit a dropkick on Garza. Ortiz and Santana then double teamed with a back breaker leg drop combo.

With the referee distracted, Homicide took the opportunity to attack Garza Jr. on the outside. Garza then slipped out of his tights; Kid and Garza went for a combo superplex off the top. Santana then dove off the top rope with an awkward looking frog splash. The show went to a break with all four men on the mat. After the break, LAX pummeled Kid.

Kid somehow managed to surprise Santana with a tornado DDT. Garza fought Santana and Ortiz until Diamante caught him on the apron and hit him with a hurricanrana. LAX then hit a blockbuster type doomsday device on Kid for the win.

Winner: LAX advance in the GFW Tag Title tournament


In a backstage segment, Magnus confronted Bruce Prichard and blamed him for losing the GFW Championship last week. Bruce told Magnus to stop complaining and get himself back in contention for the title. Magnus promised some action from his side and stormed off.

#2 Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness vs Braxton Sutter w/Allie

In a surprisingly short match, Kongo Kong got the better of Braxton Sutter. Sutter tried to use his speed to his advantage over Kong but failed miserably. Kong dominated Sutter for the most part with Laurel celebrating Sutter’s beat down. Kong finished the match with a sideways Michinoku driver on Sutter and pinned him for the win.

Winner: Kongo Kong

As the match ended, Sienna and KM made their way to the ring and attacked Sutter. Mahabali Shera then ran into the ring to make the save. Bruised and battered, Sutter challenged KM and Kongo to a tag match next week on Impact.

In another backstage segment, Karen Jarrett announced that there would be a mixed tag team match next week pitting Eddie Edwards and wife Alisha, against Davey Richards and Angelina Love.

An Ultimate X video package aired next showing the history of the division. The major stars to have held the title such as AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal were shown in the vignette. The current crop then spoke about their chances and their favourite stars of the bygone years.

Another video package hyped the match between EC3 and James Storm and highlight Carter’s actions last week where he whipped Storm.

#3 Ethan Carter III vs. 'The Cowboy' James Storm

Magnus joined the commentary team for the match. Storm rushed to the ring and went after Carter; James took the initiative early on but Carter retaliated and grounded Storm. He then taunted Storm and the crowd; Storm tried to get back into the match but his offensive was shut down quickly.

The action shifted to the outside as Carter rammed Storm's head into the ring apron repeatedly. Taking the match back to the ring, Carter went for the TK3 but Storm got out of it. He then grounded Carter with a stiff kick. Storm then went for a belt at ringside to give Carter a taste of his own medicine.

Magnus then got into the picture as he confronted Storm. Bruce Prichard and Impact officials came running down to ringside and Magnus was escorted away from ringside.  

As the action returned, EC3 had Storm in a camel clutch but Storm fought out of the hold and hit a flurry of moves on Carter. EC3 then connected with the TK3 on Storm. He did not cover Storm and instead went to the outside to get the leather strap.

He was about to bring it in the ring but the referee stopped him; Carter then hit another TK3 on Storm but bafflingly did not cover him. EC3 then let go of sanity and got the leather strap again while also knocking down referee Brian Stifler. Carter then pulled up his shirt and started whipping the referee repeatedly. The bell was called, bringing the contest to an end.

Winner: James Storm wins by disqualification

As the bell was rung, Storm attacked EC3 and caught him with the backstabber. Magnus then ran out and assaulted Storm and the former then confronted Carter. Prichard rushed to the ring and announced that the three men would square off against each other at Slammiversary to determine the number one contender. Prichard then sounded off on EC3 but Carter pushed him and Prichard landed on the mat face first.

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