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Impact Wrestling Results (August 2nd, 2019): Tessa Blanchard battles Madman Fulton, The Rascalz challenge for the tag titles

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Tessa Blanchard continued her war with oVe when she went toe-to-toe with Madman Fulton
Tessa Blanchard continued her war with oVe when she went toe-to-toe with Madman Fulton

Tessa Blanchard may have earned Sami Callihan's respect at Rebellion, but tonight she has to face his fury. Last week, Callihan shook the hand of the third-generation wrestler but smacked her backside as he walked away. Furious, Blanchard left the Draw laying after delivering Magnum. Callihan was irate and later revealed that she would have to take on the most dangerous member of oVe, Madman Fulton.

The North captured the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles from LAX back at Bash at the Brewery and managed to successfully defend them against the former champions and the Rascalz at Rebellion. The Rascalz felt that they earned a one-on-one shot for the belts, and should get that chance. The North obliged, putting the belts on the line tonight.

Last week, the X-Division Championship changed hands when Jake Crist, thanks to Dave and Madman Fulton, dethroned Rich Swann. With oVe running interference, Crist was able to connect with a pair of cutters, ending Swann's reign after nearly half a year at the top of the division. Tonight, we found out who would be challenging the Golden Draw first.

X-Division Championship #1 Contender's Match: Wentz vs Aiden Prince vs Rohit Raju vs Chuck Mambo vs Cody Deaner vs Petey Williams

Raju started off by sending Williams and Wentz to the outside. Deaner leapt onto him and the two traded right hands. Rolling to the outside, they battled into the steel steps. Back inside, Mambo took on Prince, connecting with a stiff chest chop.

A springboard rolling arm drag sent Prince overhead, but he fought back with a hurricanrana, sending Mambo into the corner. The two met in the middle of the ring with a pair of elbow strikes. Wentz ran in, connecting with a few kicks to both men before taking them out with a springboard corkscrew crossbody.

Williams rolled in next, rushing Wentz with a boot. Wentz avoided it but would be taken down by a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Williams followed up with a dropkick to his back and set up for a Canadian Destroyer. Wentz managed to counter it, but was locked into a sharpshooter. Raju rushed in to apply a crossface, forcing Williams to break the sharpshooter and take on the Desi Hit Squad Member.

A knee and a neckbreaker from Raju kept Williams down for a two count. After he kicked out, Deaner met Raju with a right-hand combination. A throat chop stopped the momentum, but Deaner was able to send him outside with a clothesline. Williams tried to dive onto all five men on the outside, only to be interrupted by Deaner, who came inside for his hat and to place the Canadian flag on Williams.


Williams and Deaner teamed up to level Prince, Mambo, and Wentz with a pair of suicide dives. Raju caught them in a handshake with a wrecking ball dropkick. As he set up back inside to taunt the crowd, Wentz leveled him and used him as a springboard for a dive.

Prince followed up with an Asai Moonsault. Mambo came in next with a springboard 450. He targeted Wentz and looked for another springboard maneuver inside, but was caught by Riju. Riju connected with a series of strikes to the Rascal but only got a two-count. Deaner ran in and leveled Raju with a clothesline. His DDT attempt was interrupted by a springboard dropkick from Mambo, who was then met by Aiden Prince.

Prince sent Mambo outside with a crescent moon kick and found himself staring at the former champion Petey Williams. Little Petey Pump looked for another Canadian Destroyer, only to be taken out by a handspring enziguri, kicking out at two. Wentz and Prince went at it here, with a springboard bulldog cutter taking out Prince. A Canadian Destroyer knocked out Wentz, but Williams was tossed outside by Raju.

Deaner broke up the pinfall and went back and forth with Raju, nearly ending the match with a DDT. Mambo broke up the pin but a brainbuster from Prince would set him up for a 450 Splash, giving Prince the win.

Results: Aiden Prince defeated Chuck Mambo via pinfall.

Jake Crist's first challenger will be the underdog Aiden Prince. Speaking of Crist, he and the rest of oVe. Crist said that winning the X-Division Championship was the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

Sami Callihan reminded him that he has a wife and children, but Crist stayed by his words. Callihan then set his focus on Tessa Blanchard, who attacked him after he simply tried to bury the hatchet. Tonight, Blanchard will have to face her destruction in Madman Fulton.

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