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Impact Wrestling Results (August 30th, 2019): Taya Valkyrie faces a "special" challenger, Michael Elgin and Rhino go to war

Greg Bush
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31 Aug 2019, 10:28 IST

Michael Elgin looks to finally rid himself of the War Machine
Michael Elgin looks to finally rid himself of the War Machine

As we continue the march towards Bound for Glory, the Impact stars continued to deliver with some pretty incredible in-ring action. Michael Elgin and Rhino look to finally end their war tonight as they go head-to-head in a Falls Count Anywhere match. This Hoss Fight is sure to deliver and may end with someone getting hospitalized if Elgin has anything to say about it.

As of tonight, Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie was only days away from a record-breaking reign. At 236 days as champion, she only had to survive her match tonight in order to become the longest-reigning champion by the beginning of next week. However, she claimed that she'd be facing a "big surprise" in tonight's title bout, teasing the debut of Tenille Dashwood.

We kicked off the night with the former X-Division Champion TJP taking on one-third of AAA's Trios champions, Golden Magic, Trey of the always entertaining Rascalz, and AAA's Taurus. The last time Impact was in Mexico, Taurus put on an incredible showing, and was one of the favorites heading into the match, along with Impact's TJP.

TJP vs Golden Magic vs Trey vs Taurus

Epic X-Division action starts off Impact
Epic X-Division action starts off Impact

Taurus was sent outside by Trey & TJP but were unable to keep up with Golden Magic. Luckily for them, Magic set his sights on Taurus, taking down the big man with a springboard moonsault. This allowed TJP and Trey to take each other on. Both men managed to flip out of head scissors spots, and before they could continue, Magic jumped back inside.

A pair of cutters from Magic took out Impact's X-Division stars, and brought TJP up top for a super hurricanrana, taking out Trey in the process. As he went for the pinfall, Taurus finally came back in the match, storming the ring and breaking up the pin. A massive headbutt laid out Magic.

A strong right hand leveled Trey, and some heavy kicks left TJP and Magic on their backs. Trey tried to rush him, but was sent into Magic with a snap powerslam. A pumphandle facebuster to Trey nearly got the pinfall. Luckily for him, TJP broke it up. TJP managed to take out Taurus with a top rope springboard arm drag, also knocking over Magic in the process.

TJP had Trey & Magic locked up in the middle of the ring with a pair of submission holds. However, Taurus came back in and rushed him. TJP broke the holds and looked to Magic for a double suplex. Taurus countered, sending both men to the mat. Trey finally got some offense in, taking out the monstrous Taurus with a series of kicks and rocking the other competitors with a double pele kick.


TJP made it back to his feet and stunned Trey with a spinning back kick. As Taurus stood up, Trey sent him into TJP, who caught him in a DDT set up. Trey connected with a leaping back kick to TJP followed by a neckbreaker, also bringing down Taurus.

Magic stepped up to challenge the Rascal, taking him out with a springboard corkscrew crossbody. A double underhook spinout cutter almost ended the bout. However, Taurus broke up the pin before Trey could be defeated. Taurus then showed off some incredible athleticism, leaping up to the ropes for a springboard crossbody on Magic.

TJP prevented Taurus from putting Magic away and sent him outside, leading to a one-on-one show between he and Trey again. Trey stunned him with a package superkick and followed up with the Tiger Feint Kick. As he went up top to finish TJP, Magic leapt up. Trey managed to fight him off, and targeted him instead. Magic rolled away and TJP delivered the Detonation Kick. Taurus tried to rush TJP but was tripped up, allowing TJp to lock him in the TJP Clutch.

Sadly for him, Golden Magic took advantage of the Detonation Kick from earlier, landing on Trey with a 450 Splash.

Results: Golden Magic defeated Trey via pinfall.

Backstage in the women's locker room, Kiera Hogan was seen belittling Chica Tormenta for sitting in her seat. Vanilla joined in, translating Hogan's rant in spanish. Jordynne Grace came to the aid of Tormenta, leading to a tag team match later on in the night.

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