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Impact Wrestling Results (June 14th, 2019): Former World Champion broken by Michael Elgin, LAX get their revenge on the Rascalz

  • The Impact Roster isn't safe without monsters like Jessicka Havoc and Michael Elgin roaming free.
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The Unbreakable One leaves carnage around the ring to end Impact
The Unbreakable One leaves carnage around the ring to end Impact

As we move towards to the epic Slammiversary XVII, Michael Elgin continues to prove why he's the man that can cut the Machine's World Title run short. The No. 1 Contender took on Chocolate Thunder himself, Willie Mack, in tonight's main event, giving us a massive battle of the goliaths.

The Knockouts filled out this week's show nicely, with the returning Havok completely eviscerating her opponent, while Jordynne Grace and Madison Rayne wowed the Impact audience.

It wasn't an easy night for Grace, by any means, and was made worse by a surprise appearance by one of her former friends turned bitter rivals. All that and more on tonight's Impact.

First up, though, The ECW Originals have been in a heated war with Ethan Page and Josh Alexander since arriving on Impact a few months back. Moose joined their numbers, leading to a 3-on-3 match between the six men two weeks ago. The North hoped to get some revenge tonight as they faced off against Rob Van Dam and Sabu.

The North vs Sabu w/Super Genie & Rob Van Dam

Sabu and Alexander kicked off the bout, with the ECW legend forcing his opponent to the mat by picking the ankle. Alexander, back on his feet, was rocked by a punch and tossed into the corner. Rebounding, he was met by a clothesline.

Sabu brought Alexander into his corner where RVD tagged in and leapt over the ropes for a leg drop. Alexander managed to fight back and drag him into the North's corner, where Ethan Page came in. RVD dropped him with a spinning heel kick before wrenching his arm. Page broke away by yanking at RVD's hair but was folded up into a unique pinfall where he kicked out at two.

Page was sandwiched with a rolling thunder/slingshot leg drop from RVD and Sabu. Sabu then locked Page in a Camel Clutch. RVD was tagged in and teamed up with his ECW Tag Team Champion partner for a double leg drop. A series of kicks almost gave the Originals the win, but Page managed to break out.


Alexander distracted RVD, allowing Page to connect with a huge running boot. A series of backbreakers from the North took the former Impact World Champion out. Alexander tagged in, and targeted the ankle of RVD. Page came in and taunted Sabu before turning his attention back to the legal man. RVD and All Ego traded punches in the corner, and Sabu was nearly tagged in. Page managed to rush him into the North's corner, though.

The duo tagged in and out, pelting RVD with hard boots and right hands. RVD avoided a running clothesline in the corner from Page and rocked him with a high kick to the forehead. RVD shook Page off with a reverse kick, tagging in Sabu. Super Genie tossed him a chair, which was launched into the heads of both members of the North.

Sabu used the chair to launch himself onto Alexander. A camel clutch/dropkick combination set up the pinfall, but Page broke it up. He answered for that, though, with another chair shot to the head. Sabu and RVD brought in a table and placed Josh Alexander on top. Before they could dive onto him, Moose knocked RVD off. Sabu connected with the Arabian Facebuster through the table.

Page broke up the pin, and a 2-on-1 situation was set up. The North planted Sabu with a double kneeling facebuster for the win.

Results: The North defeated Sabu & RVD via pinfall.

After the match, Tommy Dreamer came to the aid of RVD and Sabu, sending the North up the ramp while the Originals beat down Moose.

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Published 15 Jun 2019, 10:27 IST
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