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IMPACT Wrestling Results (March 24th, 2020): No.1 contender for X-Division title revealed, the Undead Realm returns 

  • Michael Elgin aimed to break Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards in half.
  • In the finale of the Undead Realm wars, Su Yung battled Havok one final time.
Greg Bush
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Modified 25 Mar 2020, 08:28 IST

Michael Elgin and Taya Valkyrie were a destructive team
Michael Elgin and Taya Valkyrie were a destructive team

Tonight, the epic war between Su Yung and Havok would come to an end. In the Undead Realm, two would enter, but one would leave. At least, that was the plan of James Mitchell, and he was banking on his Kaiju Queen.

We kicked off the show with an incredible eight-man match to determine the No.1 contender for Ace Austin. A few weeks back, Austin saved Willie Mack, tagging with the big man to defeat the Swinging Balls, Johnny Swinger and Glenn Gilberti. However, Mack saw through his actions, knowing that he was just trying to keep Mack away from the X-Division Championship. Tonight, Mack looked to become the man that would challenge Austin next.

X-Division #1 Contender's Match: Willie Mack vs Chris Bey vs Acey Romero vs Daga vs Rohit Raju vs Jake Crist vs Cousin Jake vs Trey

Who will challenge Ace Austin for the X-Division Championship?
Who will challenge Ace Austin for the X-Division Championship?

The eight-man brawl started off with Acey Romero running through all competitors, even the always impressive Willie Mack. However, Trey and Chris Bey were able to send him to the floor with a pair of missile dropkicks.

They kipped up before squaring off in an athletic showing, trading headscissors takedowns and arm drags. Bey ignored a handshake offer and took Trey out with a leaping roundhouse. Next up to challenge Bey was Rohit Raju. Bey took him to the corner with a kicking series, but was caught by a swinging backbreaker. Raju followed up with a fisherman suplex, but the pin was broken up by Cousin Jake.

Jake deadlifted Raju for a sit-out powerbomb. Jake Crist rolled in for a superkick but was blocked by Jake. However, his four-kick combination sent the big guy to the floor. Willie Mack came back in and dumped Crist on his head before connecting with a standing moonsault. As Crist rolled outside, Mack hit a rope, connecting with both Crist and Jake.


On the inside, a three way show between Daga, Bey, and Trey saw El Jefe come out on top. Desi Hit Squad's Raju came in to clean up, but Daga was still fresh, and lit him up with a stiff striking combination. Daga's run came to an end when Acey Romero stepped up. A massive body slam set Romero up for a dive from the top.

Luckily for Daga, Cousin Jake and Jake Crist came in to put a stop to it. This eventually lead to the Tower of Doom, with Trey, Bey, and Mack added in. Daga hit a frog splash as Acey Romero hit the mat, but the pin was broken up by Raju.

A running boot took Daga out, and Bey rocked Raju with a flying kick. Mack took down the newcomer only to be mowed over by Cousin Jake. Jake Crist dumped Jake on his head but was caught in an Indian Deathlock by Trey. Bey attempted to break it up only to get caught in a flatliner by Trey who kept the submission locked in.

Jake broke everything up, only to be sent to the floor by Mack. Daga faced off against Mack and caught him coming off the ropes with a northern lights suplex. Trey dumped Daga to the floor and followed up with a suicide dive, while Bey and Raju hit a pair of tope's themselves. Not to be outdone, Cousin Jake hit an impressive dive that took out all four men.

Acey Romero set up for a dive but was stunned by superkicks from Crist. Romero sent him to the outside with a Pounce, though, and launched himself through the ropes with a suicide dive that took out a majority of the competitors.

Cousin Jake avoided the brunt of the attack and rolled Jake Crist in for the pinfall. Willie Mack dropped on top of him with the SIx-Star Frog Splash, giving Chocolate Thunder himself the win.

Results: Willie Mack defeated Cousin Jake via pinfall.

Willie Mack is now the new No. 1 contender to Ace Austin's X-Division Championship.

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Published 25 Mar 2020, 08:28 IST
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